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I've been using my Square reader with my Samsung Galaxy S8 for several months if not years but today, all of a sudden, I get the message the Device Not Supported error. As I say I have been using the reader on my phone for well over a year but now it decides its not supported!


I have updated the app (as suggested in Help) and tried repairing.

I have tried resetting the reader (4 red lights) and then repairing in the app (4 orange lights) but I always get the same message.


Can anyone help as I think as this is severely affecting my business right now and I'm not terribly happy with the level of support.

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Re: Device not supported - Android

Hi @d0nnyoz - Sorry that's happening. Have you also made sure that you're running the most up to date version of the Android Operating System?

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Re: Device not supported - Android

Well, the reader has been working for well over a year on the same device so unless somehow my Android version has been DOWNGRADED, I fail to see how this response is relevant.

For your information, my Samsung Galaxy S8 is running Android version 9.

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Re: Device not supported - Android

@d0nnyoz I promise I'm not trying to make this difficult! Checking the OS and App updates are always the number one step for troubleshooting, so thought I'd start there.


Anyways- I just found out that we were experiencing a bug yesterday that was effecting the pairing of the Contactless & Chip Reader with Android devices. Could you please try to force quit the POS app and reopen it? This should fix the issue you were experiencing. But if not, let me know and I can start a case with our Customer Success Team for you. 


Thanks for your patience!

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Re: Device not supported - Android

Thanks for your response and I apologise if my initial response seemed curt.

I have just tried my reader again, after resetting it (4 red lights) and then repairing it but it still fails saying "Google is unable to verify your device is compatible with Android".


As I say, this is really quite frustrating as I have been using the same device on the same phone for well over a year and I have not had any issues. All of a sudden I get this message and I'm not sure whether this is a Square problem of a Google/Android problem.

(I'm an IT specialist so I am capable of understanding a bit about how these devices communication but what I cannot understand is how this has worked for so long without issue then suddenly get quite a high-level issue that doesn't seem to be resolvable).


Sadly, I have now switched to iZettle as this service seems a little shoddy to me. Relying on support within the community over several days for a problem of not being able to use your equipment is a definite customer killer!


But I would really like this issue resolved. Is there any quicker support I can call?


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Re: Device not supported - Android

@d0nnyoz You're totally fine. I understand the frustration when things aren't working as they should and you've got customers to take care of all the while.


If you ever need to speak to one of our Supporters ASAP, you can visit this link. Click More I don't see my issue Call Support.

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