Drive Thru Open Ticket Naming

What do you use for Ticket Names for open tickets you save for the Drive Thru?


Currently we have Drive Thru 1, Drive Thru 2, Drive Thru 3, through 10, set up automatically for easy naming, but it gets complicated (very for some cashiers) when DT 1 etc has been paid, and then in the ticket naming options it shows again Drive Thru 1, skips current numbers in use, Drive Thru 4, Drive Thru 5, etc etc. At that point, we want the cashier to keep selecting Drive Thru 4 and on, and then rotate back to 1 after all 10 tickets are open, or the drive thru is all clear and ready to start from 1. But as you can assume, it can easily get very complicated and messed up. Any suggestions?? 

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Hey @cspp!


It looks like you're looking for other seller's answers here so I'm gonna tag some SuperSellers to see if one of them utilizes something like this and can help further. 


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Una pregunta, como puedo cambiar la numeracion de los tickets a 1,2,3,4 y no ese alfanumerico que trae por default ?

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