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This past Saturday was my First time using square in questionable service. I enabled offline mode and everything seemed to work. However all of my transactions that I made after 5pm on Saturday seem to be missing. I seen the note about 72 hours but it hasn’t been 72 hours. Any ideas, what happened here?

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Hello @Mxnorth54,


Welcome to the Seller community and great to read your first post!


When using offline mode, there are a few things to keep in mind. Offline Mode will only work for magstripe cards. Chip card transactions and contactless (NFC) payments can’t be processed in Offline Mode. With that being said, interac cards are not accepted in offline mode.


We have supplied some best practices should you choose to continue to use offline mode in the future:


Be sure to obtain a signature for every swiped transaction and verify the signature on the screen matches the signature on the back of the payment card.

If the card is not signed, ask your customer for a government-issued ID and to sign the card.


While you can’t require your customer to provide an ID, and requesting an ID doesn’t change your liability for chargebacks, unsigned cards are invalid and should not be accepted. Remember, if a payment card is declined, Square is unable to provide buyer contact information.


Check out this article for further information. Hope this gives you some insight! 





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