Sales put through using Square & my Weebly website

Hello, I have square synced with my Weebly website. When a customer makes a purchase on the Weebly store, using square point of sale, the sale comes through on my "in-store" tablet in the transactions list & the sales report. Which is good, that's what I want. 


But, when you view the transaction in square transaction list it shows as a custom amount, and that custom amount is the total of tax + the item cost. So when I run a report at the end of the day, the sales report tax number is significantly wrong. 


Why does it not recognize the tax? It also makes it difficult, because square handles it as a custom amount, rather than the actual item that was sold, when I view end day reports the tax is wrong AND I can't even see what was sold. 

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Re: Sales put through using square & Weebly

In addition to that inquiry;

The items on my Weebly store were imported using square, but when a customer chooses to pay with PayPal, this item's don't even show up on the sales report on square at the end of the day. Why don't they register as an "other" payment?

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Re: Sales put through using square & Weebly


@Braeheid I've escalated this to our Developers Team for you. I'll be back as soon as I have more information!

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Re: Sales put through using square & Weebly

Thanks for your patience @Braeheid


The Developers team just confirmed that all transactions processed through the Weebly-Square integration will be reported as a custom amount, and taxes are not recognized. This is because the integration with Weebly doesn't currently use the Orders API to show itemization in Square Dashboard. At this time it only syncs inventory and processes payments.


To answer your second question, Square doesn't report payments processed by other payment processors, like PayPal. 


I'm sorry for the frustration this has caused! I've shared your experience with the API team here. You could also check in with the Weebly Community to see if they have any updates.

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Re: Sales put through using square & Weebly

Hello, I too use Weebly for my online business and I am having a similar problem where the sales tax isn't separated from the main price on my Square Dashboard. My question is this does this same problem apply to all sites that use Square as a processor or is there another website that integrates better with Square?

If there is could someone please recommend a better website.

I really need an answer to this question ASAP.

Thank you.



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Re: Sales put through using square & Weebly

Great question @christiantees28


Update: I stand corrected! GoCentral, an online store integration with GoDaddy does have itemized transactions! There's more information in our Support Center and here on GoDaddy's website.


At this time Square's eCommerce API only syncs inventory and processes payments when you use any other eCommerce integration. (So you'll see 'custom amount' in your Dashboard rather than the sales tax and the item price.)


I'm very sorry for the frustration this causes and I've shared your post with the partnership team. We're always looking to improve based on seller feedback so thank you for flagging this! 

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Re: Sales put through using square & Weebly

Any update on this in the past year? Ideas as to when it might be addressed? I just started doing more website sales instead of in person transactions through my Weebly/square integrated website and I just realized last night that the reporting is completely inaccurate. 

Im going to have to sift through all of my sales now from the last six months and I can’t use any of the square reporting because it’s all wrong. 

Im kind of in a panic here and would love to see this get addressed. 

I mean- what’s the point, honestly, of having the sales from Weebly show up in the reporting of it’s just going to skew the numbers?

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Re: Sales put through using square & Weebly

We currently use the Weebly free version for our website but are considering updating to the Business version for online sales and Square for offline sales. 


All of the third party online reviews give rave reviews for Weebly, Weebly eCommerce, and Square, but none mentioned the reporting and integration issues that are brought up in this thread. 


Any updates that will alleviate our concerns about integration and reporting will help us move forward with your products.



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Re: Sales put through using square & Weebly

Save yourself a headache. Look for another platform for your website. Square is great but it's integration with Weebly really sucks. Last year they made a software update and ever since I've had problems. I've spoken many times with support but there seems no effort to address and correct the issues that never existed before the update. They keep updating the software with new features but they don't address the problems that were created a year ago. I have almost 300 items on my website and online store. If I import a handful of new items it changes everything on my website and it takes 4-5 hours to fix everything.


If the problems aren't fixed soon I will be dumping Weebly for software that's more reliable. Several other users have experienced the same issues but so far there's been zero effort to address these issues.


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Re: Sales put through using square & Weebly

Hey @LawrenceD, thanks for checking in and sorry to keep you waiting here.


I'd like to surface more information with our eCommerce folks. Can you confirm if you're set up with the free Square Online Store or do you have a regular Weebly site? The integrations are quite different, though the insights and reporting are the same—the reporting offers actionable sales data to work with. If you have any specific concerns or data needs, feel free to let me know and I'll be happy to run this by them for another look!

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