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Select order type appearing on homepage

All of a sudden today the order bar that typically only appears on the Order page is showing on our homepage. No changes were made to our site that would have caused this. As you can see, I also am unable to edit/remove this bar when I try to edit my homepage. Anyone know what's going on?





When trying to edit:




EDIT: I ended up turning off ordering completely as we aren't open yet and were only building buzz around our menu. The problem is that it isn't just the homepage, but pages that this bar appears on if pickup ordering is on. We'll need to figure this out before we launch though.

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Hi there @thenestcafe


Did you recently make any changes to the item's fulfillment types or switch the online store layout from Shop All to Order Online? 

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Not that I know of, I went back through all the options yesterday and nothing seemed incorrect. We aren't open yet and the menu was purely to build buzz prior to our launch. Because of that, I ended up shutting off pickup ordering which removed it from all pages. (I had thought you needed to have pickup ordering on in order for customers to even see the order page, but that's not the case)


This solution is fine for now since we aren't accepting orders yet, but when we do launch, I don't want the order type bar to appear on any page except for the actual order page. It's weird that this would all of a sudden just appear. I can't find a setting anywhere that lets you specify which page this bar is on. Even on the order page, it seems to be baked into the header and not editable.


I have a ticket into support so hopefully will hear back. 

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