Show both pick-up and shipping items together?

I run a pizza place and use Square for online orders - ie. customer orders online and books and collection slot via our Square site.


We have recently had some merchandise made and want to sell t-shirts through our site, which we will ship to UK addresses, or deliver locally. I have successfully added them to the site under a 'merchandise' category, but as they are set to 'shipping' and not 'pick-up,' it doesn't show them on the site unless the customer selects to view shippable items.


Is there a way to show all items on the site without having to select shippable items? I think this will confuse customers otherwise. I would like customers to be able to view all items and categories as a whole. 


Can anyone help?


Edited to say I tried to post this in the Square Online topic but for some reason it only gave me a limited choice of where to post this.


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