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Tickets: User Interface on Handheld Register and Register

Hey everyone


I love the huge update on the register's software the new interface on both Register and Handheld is an amazing improvement, we have been using both since you rolled them out and we are really happy you invited us to BETA Community.


I use both registers at my winery and we create Tickets all the time, and I have a few suggestions. FYI: All winemakers have day jobs and I am a Graphic Designer/Programmer and I create interfaces a lot. 🙂 


On Handheld register

When you view a ticket, the only button you can engage is the CHARGE Button and then you have to click the (X) to close the ticket, but the ticket remains open until you click the SAVE button once you have exited the Ticket. Is there a way you can add the SAVE button so that closes the ticket >>>next to the CHARGE button when the TICKET is open instead of using the (X) to close the ticket and then hit the SAVE Button. If you don't save the Ticket, the ticket remains open and my staff has periodically added other orders onto the wrong ticket. 


On Register

When you are in the CUSTOMER section and SELECT a customer and then create a NEW SALE you still have to select the TICKETS button for the customer name to be added to the ticket. Is there a way to have that that happen automatically when you create a ticket from the customer area, it can be frustrating when you don't remember to do that.


This is what I have noticed so far, thank you for listening 🙂


Cheers — Greg


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