Weebly/Square Merge - 5 Questions


I have a couple of questions about the Weebly/Square merge, hoping you can help as we are nervous about losing some of the capabilities. Our not-for-profit organisation has one website, which has served us well for many years, consisting of 56 pages of content, most pages including files, years of archived blog posts and e-newsletters, etc. I am hoping you can answer my questions to help ease my mind.

1) Will the merge be forced? If so, when? I know it has been in progress since 2020, but do you know when it's supposed to be fully completed?

2) We currently have 10 membership group pages on our site, and each of these pages has people who have permission to edit their page only. So basically myself and a few other people have access to the full site, but an additional 10-15 people also have access to edit single pages. Will this still be posible after the merge? Do these people all have to make new logins? There isn't much information out there on nitty gritty stuff like this...

3) We use Weebly to send out monthly newsletters... will we still be able to use this feature? 

4) Some of our groups have membership forms on their pages, will these remain?

5) Finally, is there going to be much work to do after merging? Or will our site be exactly the same, only the login has changed? I'm just so unsure on what to expect, whethe rit'll be barely any change at all and nothing to worry about, or if it'll mean weeks worth of practically rebuilding the site.

I look forward to your response. Smiley Happy 

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