Important update regarding Weebly App Center

Since launching Weebly App center in 2015, we’ve been energized by how many of you, in our developer community, have contributed more than 400 apps. In June, 2018, Weebly was acquired by Square, Inc. and we have been working with Square’s Developer team to think about the future of how Weebly and Square’s developer communities can come together and create apps that work across all of Square’s products, together, in one place. We look forward to sharing more news with you later this year. In the meantime, you can learn about Square Developer for commerce apps here.

In order for us to focus on the future of our app developer strategy, we will no longer be accepting new app submissions to Weebly app center as of February 28, 2020. All approved and active apps will still be available to existing and new Weebly.com customers. We will also continue to review updates and bug fixes to already approved apps.

You can reference the Weebly app review process, read the FAQ below and if you have any further questions, please contact weebly-dev-support@squareup.com.

What’s the last day I can submit my app?
February 28, 2020

Why are you no longer accepting submissions to Weebly App Center?
In June, 2018, we were acquired by Square and have been partnering together to see how we can better integrate our product solutions. We are dedicating resources to what the future of eCommerce apps may look like with Square and will be sharing more information later this year.

Are you shutting down Weebly App Center?
No, we are not shutting down Weebly App Center. Weebly users will still be able to find and use apps from the Weebly App Center.

Can I submit my app for consideration on Square App Marketplace?
Yes, you can find more information here.

Can I still submit bug fixes and updates?
Yes, if your app is already approved and live in the Weebly App Center as of March 31, 2020, you may still submit bug fixes and updates.

When will my app work with Square Online Store?
We anticipate having an update on apps integrating with Square Online Store, later in 2020.

Will the terms of my rev share change?
No, your rev share terms will not change as a result of shutting down new submissions.

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Do you belive i just complete webbly developer docs tomorrow and today morning i was going to deploy my first app on weebly and i was very exciting that my app will create hugh impact on weebly marketplace and people will use it more and more.

It was my bad luck 

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Adam, we look forward to finding out more information about the transition towards Square's Marketplace. 

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Hi @Adam, this is Martin from the Multilanguage app.

Is there a possibility that we can have a talk with the Square product team to see if there are any particular needs or any ways that our apps might benefit the Square ecosystem better? 

Also is there a way we can get access to Square products, in the same way we have a weebly developer website?


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That is definitely a possibility. You can apply with this form, and also find more information generally here.

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Hi @Adam and other Weebly admins,

Can you give us an update on this transition to Square?

Today I found out that the new square email for dev support weebly-dev-support@squareup.com is no longer used. There is no way for us to contact Weebly. What is the current way to get support? 

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