Questions are specific to the necessity to pair/link a Square account to an existing Weebly account.

I’m a part time web designer and have had a weebly account since 2012.  So I have been using the platform for 10 years for my own business.  I also have a number of clients who have their own Weebly account but as the web-site developer I do all the specific work in their account and need to access their account. 


Q1 - Does Square not realize that not every Weebly account / Weebly website has a need for payment processing?    I have a number of clients that have a website I created for them in Weebly that was made strictly to showcase and highlight their business.  But they DO NOT sell anything on their site.    Nor do they have any intention to do so.    A hair salon, a barbershop, an electrical contractor are just 3 examples of clients I have in this scenario. 


Q2 - When my business clients asked me WHY this needed to be done, I had no answer.  I could not think of a business or technical reason to give them.  Is there one for a company that has no products to sell and no current need for any payment processing and no future intention to do so?  I managed to create and link a new square account for them after a fair amount of information gathering that was required by Square because the clients trust me even though I had no reason to offer them. 


Q3 – The option to create the square account has been around for months.  But linking that account was never a requirement.  Why was there no email sent to all existing Weebly customers stating this linking requirement would be happening and would no longer be optional but instead be a REQUIREMENT?  Because I am the web-site developer who needs to access other client accounts to do their work for them, I had a number of clients who felt they were blindsided by this.  I could not get onto their Weebly account because the Weebly login was being redirected to Square.   A heads-up email to existing Weebly customers stating this was the eventual plan was not considered???  


Q4 - Considering Square is a payment processing company, it is very surprising that Square’s password requirements are simply “at least 8 characters”???   Square does not have a requirement or even the suggestion to use strong passwords and the idea of at least one capital letter, at least one number, at least one special symbol???   I made sure all my clients use strong passwords so to see the possibility of a weak password used in this day and age, especially with the idea that a Square account is now a requirement for Weebly, is a big head scratcher.  Yes, I am well aware that Square offers 2 step verification in this arena as an option.  Perhaps someone can offer the Square team the suggestion that they look at and re-evaluate their screens that involve password creation / password changes and somehow reference at least the idea of a strong password.    Because the current Square screens leave a lot to be desired from a common practice security standpoint.

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