Redirect product page urls from my old square site to my new site built on Weebly Classic

My site on square was too slow to rank on Google so I rebuilt on Weebly Classic editor.  It is wicked fast but I am having trouble redirect product page urls from my old site to my new site built on Weebly Classic Editor.  


1. As far as I can tell the permalinks entered on the new product pages (on classic weebly platform) don't work.  Weebly creates a completely different url adding /store/p73/ right after my domain and #/ at the end.  See example below.


Permalink entered:


Google search results historically linked to above url (entered as permalink in new site) and when you click on it, it returns a 404 error.  

URL that Weebly shows:



Because I couldn't solve this problem with permalinks, I tried to solve problem with 301 redirect using 

1. Weebly 301 redirect is Settings but these don't allow to redirect to product pages from items in store. or category pages.  You can only redirect to standard pages. 

2. I Tried doing redirects in my hosting service (HostGator- redirects previously done in host gator worked flawlessly for my last website migration from Lightspeed to Square) but those don't work either.  I was entering the entire new url for 301 redirect.  Should I leave off the .html (someone said that is basically invisible)?  


ANY IDEAS for how to do redirects to individual product or category pages would be appreciated. My Google search results are dropping fast and about to move to the second page abyss. 



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