The categorization of blogs

A similar question has been asked before. After Weebly moved into Square, I was ready to respond again. As of now, I am not allowed to reply to that discussion. This is a continuation of that discussion.


There are blogs on my blog page at http://fs20apk.com/. There have been several categories added to my blog page recently, along with several blogs in each category. Clicking on a specific category brings up all the blogs I've added to that category. For example, in order to reach the third blog in that category, you have to scroll past the first two blogs. What I'm wondering is if there is a way to add just the blog titles to a category (with each title linked to the actual blog) rather than the blogs themselves. As a result, the viewer would be able to click on a category and see all blogs in that category without having to scroll through the blogs. Clicking on the title of a blog in a given category will bring up the specific blog.

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