How can I make orders "Sold Out" without creating inventory for items?

I run a restuarnt and use Square and Weebly for online ordering. However, the biggest problem I am having is that every time we run out of something, we cannot simply just press "Sold Out" and the item be sold out. I believe the only way to do so is to put an inventory of 0 for the item, which is somewhat difficult and doesnt always propegate appropriately. If there was a button, much like the "visible, hidden," and "unavailible" buttons, that could cause an item to be sold out, this would be much easier. 

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Hi @ DOZBORNE Food looks amazing, by the way. Smiley Happy 

I just want to make sure I'm understanding the situation. You don't typically use the inventory function, correct? And I'm assuming you don't want to just hide an item because you still want to have it visible on your site considering you will be restocking supplies and able to sell the item again? 

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Looking forward to the answer to this question as it is the same for our farm stand whereby we're not able to create an inventory but would like to show "Sold Out."

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Yes! Exactly! And thank you. 

We go through a lot of food, a may run out easily! SO, if we had a "sold out" button that we could just press really quickly, we could implement that very easily, instead of the items just disapearing under "unavailible". So if it could say sold out for items and even certain modifiers, we could easily implement that. It would be easiest to do in the actual Square app, but i assume it would take place on the online store, rather than in the app for square.
A change in this would be super helpful, my customers have been asking me why there aren't certain items on our site. So it's been hard communicating that. Thank you!

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We’re looking for a small group of vocal sellers to preview and test Marking Modifiers as Sold Out. In this beta, you will be able to
easily mark modifiers as sold out/available from Square POS and Dashboard. The sold out/available state will be respected across your sales channels.


  • Enable sold out status on your modifier choices at a per-location basis 
  • Easily mark modifiers as sold out / available from Dashboard or POS
  • Modifier availability will sync across all your sales channels and devices


You can request to join the Mark Modifiers as Sold Out group in the Beta Community, where we’ll share more details about this upcoming test and gather feedback from our participating sellers.

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