Can't Link SquareUp to Weebly

I just created a Squareup account and am trying to set up a Weebly website so that people can start booking appointments for my business online.


Once I get to this page I'm stuck on Page Preview (sometimes it doesn't show anything on the page)


"We're building your new website, and this can take some time. Please don't navigate away."


I tried deleting cookies, using private browsing mode, not using private browsing mode, restarted PC and browser, no change. Please help, thanks.

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Square Community Moderator

Thanks for reaching out, @ffx971


I was able to access the Weebly dashboard from your Square account. It looks like your accounts are merged properly, so the Weebly dashboard should show your original website. You can also create a new Square Online website from the Weebly dashboard by clicking the dropdown in the top right corner, then selecting Add new site


Please let me know if you are still having trouble with this, and provide a screenshot of what you see on your end if possible. 


Thanks, and Welcome to the Square Seller Community 😊

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