Help! My website is showing as unavailable after I updated login to Square

I was forced to update login when I tried to edit my website. The process involved selecting my website from a list that included some test sites, and when I logged in, one of the test sites is showing. I tried to change it, but the correct site is now showing as unavailable in the list. The site address is: piddingtonvillageoxfordshire.org.uk. It's a community site, and so it's essential I get it back up and running. Thanks in advance!

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @Hazel3 


It looks like you are logged into the correct account, and your website https://www.piddingtonvillageoxfordshire.org.uk/ is loading properly. 


To access the site from the dashboard, click the dropdown on the left side of the screen and you'll be able to switch to the correct site. 



Please let me know if this helps, or if you are still having trouble with accessing it. 


Thanks, and Welcome to the Square Seller Community! 

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Thanks for responding. I managed to get back to the original website for editing by clicking on the Weebly logo at the foot of the page and somehow accessing the dashboard from there to switch sites - which was a huge relief! However, on the Domains section of Square Online, my website is listed as a 3rd party domain, with the incorrect test site listed as a Square-managed domain. Is this to do with the fact that my domain name is hosted by a 3rd party, but is pointed to Weebly's IP number? Is there a way of linking the correct site to Square? I'm reluctant to change anything in case I lose access to the correct site again, but I'd be grateful if you could explain what this means.



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Square Community Moderator

Super sorry for my delayed response here, @Hazel3


Yes, you are correct. Your custom domain is registered through a third party site, and the DNS is not managed through your Square/Weebly account. The only change you can make to the domain from the dashboard is to disconnect from the current site, and/or assign to a new site in your account. 


The section for Square-managed domains will be any Square or Weebly subdomain, and any custom domain you register through Square/Weebly. 


Can you confirm which site is the "correct" site? From what I can tell, the custom domain is already connected to the correct site. The subdomain is linked to a website with 2017 in the title, so I assume that is not the one you want to use as the main site.


I'll be on the lookout for your reply! 😊

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Thanks for responding - though I’m still not sure I completely understand! 😀


Yes, the correct website is indeed https://www.piddingtonvillageoxfordshire.org.uk/ . I don’t want to change anything about the domain and the website is loading properly. My worry is that because the correct site isn’t listed under the heading ‘Square-managed domains’ on the dashboard, something unexpected and awful will happen if I inadvertently do something wrong using Square Online. I’d feel safer if my website appeared recognised by Square in a more obvious way.


When, at one point, I wanted to make my website more secure, I was told to point the domain name to Weebly’s IP number. (Something to do with changing the DNS code, I think, though I can’t find the original email now!) Should I do the same thing now for Square?


Thanks, Hazel

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Square Community Moderator

No worries, Hazel 😊


The wording on the domain page is a bit confusing, but I can tell you with utmost certainty that your site settings, and domain settings are 100% correct. You do not need to make any changes, nor worry that your site will be messed up.


"Square managed" simply means you can make DNS changes from your Square account. It's a bit confusing when a subdomain is listed, though, since you can't really make any changes to the DNS of a Square or Weebly subdomain.


Hope this clears it up a bit more, and eases your worries. 😊



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Thanks, Bernardette. I’m not sure I’m any the wiser about how Square and Weebly interrelate, but I’m reassured by your saying my site settings are correct and I won’t accidentally mess things up! If I do, though, will you (or another member of the support team) be able to restore my website?


Thanks again for your help.



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Square Community Moderator

You're welcome, Hazel 😊


Reps are not able to "restore" a site to previous version, HOWEVER, there is an "undo" button in the Square Online editor. This button will work to undo changes you make as long as the session stays active. Meaning, you cannot log out of the editor, then log back in and utilize the undo option for any changes you made in the previous session. 

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