Inability to extend the domain name

Hi there,

First of all, please excuse my English, I am French and I use google translator.

I am a totally desperate French lawyer.

I have a website hosted at weebly and a linked mailbox.

The domain name expired today, November 14, 2022. I wanted to extend the subscription for
one year.

But I am told that "the extension of this service" is not available.

So I no longer have access to my website or my emails.

However, the google workspace subscription is still in progress.

This is a dramatic situation for me because I no longer receive any email and it is my
 professional mailbox.

I specify that my domain name is not 10 years old.

do you have any idea what i should do and what could unblock the situation?

Thank you in advance for any help you could give me.

Christelle Verschaeve

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