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Pre-orders for holiday ordering

I know this is on the product radar, but it has been for a few years now so I'm bringing it back to the top. I haven't seen an update since earlier this year and am wondering if this is ever going to come to fruition. We just need multiple options for customer pre-orders - not a one size fits all.  


So options that could work:  pre-order parameters set up by item or by item category; fully customizable pick up dates and times for each item or category (ie/ Thanksgiving Pre-Order to be picked up on a date(s) between specific hours selected by the business AND another category to have different pick up parameters - running on the business' website at the same time).


Real life example for us - 

We do a Pizza Night every Friday and customers can order partial baked pizzas every week until Friday at 2pm. I manually pull those options down from the website every Friday at 2pm so that I can run a report to show me what pre-orders we have. Those customers can pick up their pre-orders between 4 - 7pm that Friday night. However, we now need to put a page up offering Thanksgiving Pre-Orders. Unfortunately I've "used up" my pre-order parameters on Pizza night since I only have one overall pre-order setting, so my only work around is to use the same parameters for Thanksgiving Pre-orders as pizza night and HOPE that the customers read the notes I put in each item telling them when they can pick up Thanksgiving orders. As you can imagine, some customers read the notes and others don't then show up on random days asking if their pre-orders are ready. UGH. HELP.

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