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Our local orchid club has had a weebly-hosted free website for a number of years. I've gone through the process of transitioning to square, but have been unable to maintain the "free" hosting. Supposedly this can be done, and I have gone through the steps multiple times without success. When I enter the group name acadianorchidsociety.org I get a blank page, and notes about enabling javascript in the google search results.

I would have to say that we don't mind ads with the free hosting. but I don't know that our little group can afford to pay.

Suggestions or fixes for this?

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Square Community Moderator

Hi @thenance 👋


Thanks for posting! It sounds like you have a grandfathered account that allows you to keep your custom domain published to your Weebly website for free. I will need to look into this further, but previously, the only stipulation for these types of accounts is that you can only keep the domain connected for free as long it stays connected to the original website. If you try to create a new site, then connect the domain, you will see an upgrade prompt. 


The domain name is pulling up a Weebly account that only has one website. Public whois records show that the domain is pointing to a Go Daddy park page, though. 🤔 From a general perspective, you just need to update your domain A-records to point to the site-assigned IP address:


Can you clarify more on the java error you see? A screenshot would be super helpful if you have it. Can you also confirm if you see any kind of error or prompt in the Weebly dashboard that you must upgrade to publish you website? 


Thanks in advance! 





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Hello Bernadettea - I would be grateful for any help you can offer. One of our members set up the original site - she is pushing 80 now, and no longer uses the same email, it was through her work (she is retired). She set me up as co-webmistress, with a yahoo e-dress, that's how long ago it was.

"From a general perspective, you just need to update your domain A-records to point to the site-assigned IP address:" - I don't have a clue what this means!

I used a different browser, and putting in our URL does get me to a godaddy site, asking for $$ if I want to take over the name - it is "parked".

I found instructions to maintain the free status:

You can switch from using a custom domain name to a free subdomain. Let’s review the steps to change your site address. 👇
1️⃣Go to your dashboard and select 'Edit Site'.
Weebly Dashboard
2️⃣Click ‘Edit’ to open the site editor, then select the ‘Settings’ tab.
3️⃣Click ‘Change’ next to your site address.
4️⃣Enter the text you want for your subdomain and click ‘Search’.
5️⃣Click ‘Choose’ at the bottom of the next screen, then click ‘Done’ to apply the new subdomain.
6️⃣Publish your website to the new address.

It indicates that our site names , ending in weebly.com or .org are both "unavailable". If I choose any of the suggestions, it goes to the payment page.

If you can, please oh please, enlighten me! As a side note, the password for the society (on weebly site) is no longer acceptable, I have to log in through square, though it does take me to the site.

Very frustrating!

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p.s. We sell nothing except fun.

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Square Community Moderator

I apologize for the delay here, @thenance 


Can you confirm the domain name? Based on what you have said, it sounds like the domain may have expired and could have been recovered by a new owner, or the Go Daddy auction team. It also sounds like you may be logging into a contributor or editor account which would prevent you from upgrading the site. 


If you created a new site, and try to connect the domain, you would run into an error if the domain is still connected to the original site in the master account. 


I'll be on the lookout for your reply with confirmation of the domain name, and then I'll be able to clarify further. 


Sorry again I am just now able to get back to you. I'll flag this case so that I can be sure to receive a notification. 



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Hi again - we were acadianorchidsociety.org - I am able to log in through square, and edit or change things on the site as usual. I even get a message that says:

Published on Oct 16, 2022 to
but on that date the site was inaccessible via putting in the society URL.
AHA!!! I have pushed every button I can find, and I believe this URL will work:
I don't think this worked a few days ago, but does now. We can live with some ads.
Bernadette, would you try it, make sure it opens?
We'll have to update all of our everything, but it can be done.
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