Meet a Super Seller: Namastewatford

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Welcome to another interview in our Meet a Super Seller series!


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In this post we chat with @namastewatford who owns Namaste Watford, an authentic Indian curry restaurant in Watford, London.



Community Username/First Name: Namastewatford, Manish


Business Name: Namaste Watford


Tell us about your business. 

Namaste Watford is an Authentic Indian curry restaurant in Watford, London.


Website: namastewatford.com

Instagram: @namastewatford 

Facebook: facebook.com/namastewatford 


What’s the best business advice you’ve received?

It's never an easy ride.


Why did you start using Square?

Ease of setup and use.


What questions can you help with in the Community? What's your favorite discussion topic?

Beta features.


What do you know now that you wish you knew on day 1 of starting your business?

All the available apps and features included in the subscription and Square's Beta programme.


What is your favorite Square tool/feature?

Import/export items.


What is the feature you'd like Square to consider creating next?

Square for Restaurant working with Android.


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Thank you so much Manish, and thank you for your contributions here in the Seller Community and to o Square's Beta Programmes!


Seller Community Manager, Square

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