How to Report Inappropriate Content on the Seller Community

The Seller Community was created with you in mind. Though we try our best to review and attend to each and every post, we also rely on your guidance and feedback to ensure the Community remains a respectful and valuable space. 


How to Report Inappropriate Content 

If you see anyone violating the Community Etiquette Guidelines, please report the post to the Square Community team by clicking the Report icon immediately below the post. You will be prompted to sign in to report a post.




Alternatively, you can click the three dots to open the options and select Report from there. 





Keep in mind the Seller Community is a public forum so the team cannot answer account-specific questions. Selecting ‘Report’ will flag a post to a Community moderator who will review the post and take the appropriate next steps. 


Note: Selecting ‘Report’ does not escalate an open case to our Customer Success team. See below for steps to contact Square’s Customer Success team.


How to Contact Square Customer Success

If you need help with your Square account please contact the Square Customer Success team directly. The team is available through live chat and by phone. The support number is 1-855-700-6000 and team members are available from Monday to Friday, 6am to 6pm, PST.

️ Helen
Seller Community Manager

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