What is a Best Answer? Learn How you Can Contribute to the Seller Community

Thousands of sellers visit the Seller Community every day to learn about Square and to connect with other business owners and entrepreneurs. 


You can browse threads on a wide variety of topics and threads but you might have noticed that some questions have a Best Answer. This post will offer some insight into what a Best Answer is and how you can use them to help other Seller Community members


What is a Best Answer? 


A Best Answer is a reply in the Seller Community that has been verified as the correct answer to a question or a solution to a problem. 


Everyone who starts a new thread, and receives a reply, has the option to mark that reply as the ‘Best Answer’. 


Note: You must be signed in to the Seller Community to see this option. (Not a member of the Seller Community - learn how to join!)



Why should I mark a reply as a Best Answer? 


Marking a reply as Best Answer gives your thread a big green checkmark to show everyone that the question has been solved: 




Best Answers also appear in our Support Center search results so that anyone with the same question or issue can find the answer, solution, or workaround. This helps everyone get back to business quickly.






A Best Answer not only makes it easier for other sellers to find support and resources, but it also acknowledges the answer provided and is a great way to show your appreciation.


If someone provides the answer, solution or a workaround to your question, don’t forget to sign in to mark it Best Answer!

️ Helen
Seller Community Manager

Did you find help in the Seller Community? Mark a Best Answer to help others.
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