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We’re glad to have you here in the community! The Seller Community is dedicated to creating an enjoyable, valuable, and supportive space for all users of Square's products. This post serves as your comprehensive guide to getting started in the Seller Community, offering a one-stop shop for all of your needs.


Read on below to learn more about how to get started in the Seller Community!


What is the Seller Community?

The Seller Community is the peer-to-peer network for Square sellers to connect with one another and with Square. In the Community, you can learn how other businesses use Square, get help from sellers facing similar challenges, and provide support to fellow entrepreneurs on their journey. Read more about the Seller Community and how to join and watch the video below!



Please be sure to read and follow our Community Code of Conduct as these are important ground rules meant to ensure the conversations are productive and valuable for all. By joining our community, you agree and accept these guidelines and our Admin Team reserves the right to remove any and all content or members who display abusive conduct or breach the above guidelines. Though we aim to give notice of any policy changes, community guidelines may change at any time at our discretion.


How to: join the Seller Community

Join us to learn how to use Square to run and grow your business, be the first to hear about new features, and collaborate and connect with your fellow sellers.


The Seller Community is free to everyone with a Square account. When you create a Community profile you can:

  1. Start a new thread or reply to an existing thread ✏
  2. Kudo a post 💚
  3. Subscribe to a thread for updates 📰
  4. Join a group 🙌


You can join the Seller Community in these three easy steps:


Step 1: 

Sign up for your Square Point of Sale account at squareup.com or download the Square app to your mobile device. Already using Square? Skip to step 2! 


Step 2: 

Visit sellercommunity.com and click Sign In. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address and password — enter the email address and password that is tied to your Square account.


Step 3: 

You’ll be prompted to set a username and you’ll be assigned an avatar (this is your profile image!). Keep in mind your username will be visible to everyone! 

And that’s it. When you’ve followed these steps you can sign in to Start a thread or reply to a thread to join a conversation.

How to start a new thread in the Seller Community 


Search first! 🔍

The first thing to check is whether or not your question has already been answered. You can do this by searching in the search box on the homepage. As you start typing, threads will appear below the text box.





If one of the search results matches your question you can click on the title to open the thread. Otherwise, you can click on the Start Thread button to make a new post. 





Start a new thread! ✍️

If you start typing and threads don't pop up for you or the results don't answer your question you can start a new thread! You can do this right from the homepage or from the top of any board.


From the homepage search first and if you can’t find the post click Ask the Community underneath the search box. 




From the top of any board, click Start Thread to create a new thread with your question!





Please also keep in mind which board you are posting to in order to get the most efficient support. For example, posting product update questions to the Product Update board.


And that’s it! Happy posting!

How to Mark a Post as Best Answer

If you've asked a question, you'll have the option to mark any reply as the Best Answer. Marking something as Best Answer gives the question a green checkmark to show others the question has been solved. 




Best Answers also help the author of the answer to rank up in the community. They're a nice way to say "Thanks" to the person who took the time to post. 😄


To mark a post as Best Answer, just scroll to the bottom of a post and click Mark as Best Answer. That's it!  





How to use the Seller Community Startup Guide


The Startup Guide was created to help Community members discover all of the useful areas of Seller Community and connect with one another. 


How to complete the guide:

Each drop down includes a Startup Guide task that contributes to the overall "% Set Up" bar at the top of the guide. To move your progress closer to 100%, you must complete the listed task items. Complete all of the tasks and you will have a 100% complete guide! The bonus of a completed guide is that you have explored a ton of amazing features of the Community 👍


Example: When you click the downward arrow on the "Introduce yourself and your business" task, the prompt reads "Share your name, where you're located, and a little about your business." with a link to the Community Welcome board. Once you have posted to this board, the Startup Guide bar will gain % of completion. 





Join a Seller Group to connect, learn, and share with other business owners 🤝

Did you know that Seller Community is home to several different business-related groups? Joining a group is free, and any member of the Seller Community can join an open group or request to join a private group.


Check out the Seller Groups home page for the current group lineup. You can also use the Seller Groups tile on the home page to access groups. Become a member of the group to be notified of all new activity by clicking on ‘Join Group Hub’ as shown in the example below.



Learn More about the Seller Community

Thanks again for being a part of the Seller Community and for taking the time to read this guide! We hope it helps you get acquainted with the community. 


While this guide covers a lot of helpful information, please be sure to check out our Community Hub for additional resources and more ways to get involved!

See you in the community!

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