Meet the Seller Community Core Team

Hey everyone!


Since we ask you all to introduce yourselves, we thought it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves as well 🙂 


We’re a helpful bunch of Community Managers who are always looking for ways to make the Seller Community a vibrant place to be. 


Take a look below to read more about our team. We’re excited to meet you and please always feel free to reach out. We’re here to help!



Seller Community Core Team




@LaurenClev - Lauren is the Global Head of Seller Community here at Square. She joined Square in 2022 and loves being able to lead our Community team and set the strategy for our programs and projects. 


Fun fact: Lauren lives in Austin, Texas USA. She is a mom (both a dog mom and human mom) and her dog’s name is Dolly (after Dolly Parton of course). 



@LeahK - Leah is the Global Community Engagement Lead at Square, bringing a decade of expertise in crafting impactful community programs since joining the team in early 2023. She believes that connecting with people and building relationships leads to better work.


Fun fact: Leah finds joy in the company of dogs, loves immersing herself the latest reality TV, indulging in home design, and whipping up delightful treats in the kitchen.



@Helen - Helen is the editor of the Seller Community Blog where she writes about small business, and the owners & entrepreneurs that are a part of the Seller Community.


Fun Fact: After 9 years in California she now lives in Ireland with her family where she can get as much rain as she likes! 



@Tom - Tom Reem has contributed to the Square mission for over 11 years and is based in San Francisco, CA. He's inspired by local business owners and works to open channels for sellers to connect via forum, virtual, and in-person events. 


Fun fact: Tom's got (American) football in his blood. He was a gridiron warrior through high school, but remains in the shadows of his NFL-bound brother and Harvard head coaching cousin.



@tranguyen - Tra is a Community Engagement Program Manager. She is most often found in the Question of the Week board, popping up during celebration events or behind the scenes of the Mentorship Program


Fun fact: Tra appeared in a fun trivia contest on Vietnam National Television and won, because she's competitive even as a kid.





@Pesso – Aylon Pesso is a former small business owner & advisor, having owned and ran an ice cream shop for 18 years until he sold the business. Pesso is now the Square Small Business Evangelist, helping sellers like you learn how to improve their businesses and make their lives easier. He runs the Square Readers Book Club, the In the News QOTW series, and the ____ seller interview series, writes Insights articles for the Community Blog, advocates for seller’s needs to Square teams, and more!


Fun fact: Pesso was also a Fitness Trainer, and he loves traveling and backpacking across different parts of the world. 



@maxpete -  Max is a Community Engagement Program Manager. He’s passionate about helping sellers grow their businesses and fostering connection within the Seller Community. 


Fun fact: Max was born with one hand and nicknamed himself the One Hand Wonder Man.


Screenshot 2024-07-10 at 4.07.58 PM.png





@katie - Katie is a Senior Community Engagement Program Manager and joined the team in 2024. She has spent the past decade growing and leading community programs, and her career north star is to build community for people who are more than their jobs.


Fun fact: Katie is slowly renovating her 1970's bungalow in Austin, TX with her partner (while her dog Jungebug supervises).





@nika - Nika is a Beta Community Manager at Square. She helps build relationships between sellers and Product teams and makes sure sellers are supported throughout their beta journey.


Fun fact: Nika can keep small humans alive at home but not small house plants.



@isabelle - Isabelle is the manager of the Square Champions program. She's been a member of the Seller Community team for 3 years, at Square for 6, and when not engaged in Super Seller program activities, she can be found supporting other programs within the Community, and being an active member of the Question of the Week board, and the TogetHER group


Fun fact: Isabelle has seen all 218 episodes of the X-Files.





@kristen - Kristen is the manager of Product Engagement programs in the Seller Community. This means she helps Square Product teams broadcast updates to sellers and receive all of the product feedback sellers contribute here in the community. 


Fun fact: Kristen loves poetry, especially a cute lil haiku. 



@Hailey_ - Hailey, a results-oriented marketing leader (10+ years), leverages her agency experience to drive traffic, awareness, and engagement as PMM for the Square Seller Community. She wields the power of community to shape the platform for success, influencing product development and more.


Fun Fact:  Hailey was born and raised Canadian with the most precious 12 year old Golden Retriever, Luke.




@AdamB - Adam is the Community Platform Manager, triaging bugs, customizations, and more, making sure that our community software runs well and gives us a smooth and rad experience.


Fun fact: Adam loves ancient languages. Linguae antiquae amo!

Square Community Moderators


We can’t forget to show support to all of the amazing community moderators who help support this community! To spot a moderator, you will see a ‘Square Community Moderator’ title in their community profile. Make sure to send them some kudos for all of their hard work! 💚

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