Seller Community Code of Conduct

The Seller Community is a space for business owners who use Square to connect, get help and learn from each other. Here you can ask questions, share your experiences, learn about new features and collaborate with peers within your industry to help grow your business. 


We strive to create a helpful, inspiring, and inclusive community for everyone, so we ask that all users review and abide by the following Community guidelines to ensure conversations are productive for all. These Community guidelines apply to all who choose to participate in Square’s online Seller Community located at www.sellercommunity.com, virtual and in-person events, and all programs affiliated with the Seller Community. 


Community Guidelines

  • Be welcoming 🤝 We strive to be a community that welcomes and supports people of all backgrounds, identities and beliefs. We won’t tolerate profanity, inappropriate photos, threats, harassment, lewdness, hate speech, or other displays of bigotry towards members or Square staff.
  • Be respectful 🙏 We’re all professionals, so we expect members to assume good intentions, act with empathy, and work together to resolve conflict. Consider whether the comment you post is going to support those who will read it. While you may disagree with some members from time to time, do not turn disagreements into personal attacks. Posts that insult another community member or Square staff will not be tolerated.
  • Be mindful 💬 Though this community requires a Square account to join, most conversations are publicly visible without logging in. Please be mindful of the privacy or confidentiality of what you share. Do not post your contact information including email addresses and phone numbers or any information you deem confidential or sensitive to your business (content, ideas, metrics, etc). Though our team frequently reviews posts to ensure private details are not being shared, Square cannot be held responsible if you choose to share any personal details, sensitive information or ideas, or business data in this Community. If you notice any sensitive information, please flag it to our team for removal.
  • Be genuine 💖What you put into the Community is what you'll get out of it. Therefore, we encourage you to choose a username that accurately represents you or your business. Sharing photos, memes, emojis, gifs, and other lighthearted material is welcomed. We also encourage you to show up authentically and share your perspective, personal experiences, and challenges. The best conversations and insights come from sharing your lived experiences, therefore we encourage members to contribute your personal perspectives as opposed to overly relying on AI generated responses.

How to Participate

  • Search first 🔍  Take advantage of all the resources and solutions already available to you within the Community and Support Center. Before posting, use the search bar at the top of this website to search for answers to your questions.
  • Stay on topic 🧑🏻‍🏫 When replying to a post, answer the question or add to the discussion at hand. If you have a tangential question, start a new thread. Changing the topic or sharing unrelated questions will derail the conversation and make it difficult for other users to get the information or advice they’re requesting.
  • Mark helpful answers If someone has answered your questions or helped you resolve an issue, mark their response as a Best Answer. This is an excellent way to say thank you for their advice and help other sellers with the same issue/question.
  • No spam, please 🛑 Spam includes promotional materials, excessive self-promotion, advertisement of direct competitors’ products, and recurring off-topic comments. Don’t promote your own products or services unprompted. Avoid talking about your services unless asked. Unsolicited private messages are a direct violation of this policy. Please also refrain from posting the same messages in multiple places, it is not productive. If you see a post that looks like spam, please report it by following the steps shared below. 


Please note your participation here is subject to these guidelines, our Square Terms of Service and our Privacy Notice. Our Admin Team reserves the right to edit, move, block or remove content and members who display abusive and inappropriate conduct or breach the above guidelines. We may also ban any members at our sole discretion. 

We will offer warnings for first-time violations but we do have a zero tolerance policy towards harassment, abusive, or discriminatory behaviors of any kind towards any members of the Community, including Square employees. Persistent or excessive misconduct will result in a temporary or permanent suspension of your ability to post.

Reporting Violations

The Seller Community is created with you in mind. Though we try our best to review and attend to each and every post, we also rely on your guidance and feedback to ensure it remains a respectful and valuable space. 

If you see anyone violating our Community Code of Conduct, please refrain from engaging with it and report it instead to the Admin team by clicking the Report Inappropriate Content button, underneath the ellipses menu (three dots) on the post. 






If you’ve received a private message that violates one of these guidelines, click the Report as Inappropriate button, underneath the ellipses menu (three dots) on the message. Our team will review it and determine the appropriate action. 






This Community is a member-to-member resource. Square does not guarantee that all questions will get a response.

While you’ll find plenty of good advice here, remember that your situation, configuration, or implementation may vary from others in the Community. Some advice you find here may even be inaccurate or not apply directly to your situation. Apply the same good judgment here that you would apply to information anywhere on the Internet.

Need direct support from Square?

The Seller Community is not a real-time support channel. If an issue is urgent or requires access to private and sensitive information such as deposits and bank accounts, or if you need to speak with someone at Square directly, contact our Support team for one-on-one assistance.


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