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Hi, i am a small business (from home) and i am trying to find the best way to market.i do so much word of mouth, business cards, advertising, and friends help to. Anything else i can do?

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Hello @totallymayes and welcome to the Square Community! We're so glad you're here! Can you tell us a little more about your business and what items/services you are trying to market? There are some different avenues/approaches depending on what you are selling.


It sounds like you're already working on word of mouth, which is a huge positive in terms of growing your business and adding new customers. Not much else beats a referral from a trusted source that you already know. One of the keys to business success is become a trusted person in your field...have you explored any in-person networking groups for businesses in your community? Groups such as Rotary, LeTip, and Small Business Councils. Even Facebook has some business groups if you search your local area or specialty field for a more regional/national reach.


I know it's challenging to try and grow your business, and it's a matter of balancing costs/revenue and spending where it makes the most sense to make the most return. I wish there was an easy formula that works for everyone and every business but sometimes depending on geographic area and type of business, some forms of advertising and marking work best for others.


In any event...please make sure you are getting all of your customer's contact information and permission to add them to your email list. You can build you customer list in your Square Dashboard, and then create custom email and text marketing messages through Square Marketing. Staying in touch with your current customers is just as essential as trying to find new ones... don't forget about the friends and family who helped you from the beginning; rewarding their loyalty will help promote your products and brand. Square also has a Loyalty program that is awesome to keep your regular customers coming back and telling their friends.


Again, we're so glad you joined our community and stop in often to ask any technical questions or even get some general business tips, or just share a frustration or a success. We love to share WINS! Happy selling with Square ❤️ 🔲 !

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Ask for referrals! A happy customer will refer everybody. You can add a little card on their order sharing on social media, nowadays it has a HUGE impact.

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Hi Totallymayes,


For starters, word of mouth is your best promoter via both friends, family and customers.  Next, social media is also beneficial, for example, having a website (even if it's just a single info page is useful).  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Google Business are also helpful - you can set these sites up for free and provides you additional visibility.  There's no guarantee that doing any of this will be the magic solution however, the more you get your name out there, the better.  Advertising can be expensive but, worth looking into - check out your local paper as they offer some deals for small businesses.  Also, depending on the type of business you have, look into doing local area events like markets or shows.  We started out doing local farmer's markets and other types of events - you'll get plenty of exposure.  As you can see, there's plenty of options.    

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