How to Join the Seller Community

Welcome to the Seller Community! 


The Seller Community is a fantastic resource for you to ask Square product questions, connect with other sellers, learn about product updates and launches, and more! 


The Seller Community is free to everyone with a Square account and it’s SUPER easy to sign up.


Step 1: 

Sign up for your Square Point of Sale account at squareup.com or download the Square app to your mobile device. Already using Square? Skip to step 2! 


Step 2: 

Visit sellercommunity.com and click Sign In. You’ll be prompted to enter an email address and password — enter the email address and password that is tied to your Square account.


📱Visiting the Seller Community on mobile? Tap the three-line on the top right-hand corner of your screen to open up the menu and click Sign In.





Step 3: 

You’ll be prompted to set a username and you’ll be assigned an avatar (this is your profile image!). Keep in mind your username will be visible to everyone! 


And that’s it. When you’ve followed these steps you can sign in to Start a thread or Reply to a thread to join a conversation.


We hope to see you around the Seller Community 👋!


Seller Community Manager, Square

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