Edit your photos in Square Marketing (+ a revamped home page)
Edit your photos in Square Marketing (+ a revamped home page)

Lots of updates coming your way, if you haven’t taken a look at Square Marketing recently. Here’s the quick summary if you have places to go, things to do, and people to see:


  • Newly integrated photo editor to help you create the best images possible for your campaigns
  • Revamped Marketing homepage that clearly displays overall performance by channel (email and Facebook for now, with more coming), as well as
  • Recent Drafts, Recent Campaigns and Upcoming Campaigns
    New Campaigns page that separates out your email campaigns and Facebook campaigns so you can view them separately

Now, the deets.


Photo Editor

You’ve taken (or found, from our free photo library of over 850,000 photos) an almost perfect photo. But it isn’t quite right. Maybe it needs a filter (#LotsOfFilters). Or maybe you need to create a meme with it, like this:You know the feelingYou know the feeling

Or maybe you’re really into cropping, adding frames, trying out colors, changing the brightness, saturation, or contrast, adding text, or resizing. Whatever it is you want to do to your photos, the world is now your oyster. Let your creativity run wild, because we’ve added a full-featured photo editor to Square Marketing (I’ll pause and let you catch your breath. It’s exciting, I know).


Ok, ready? Here’s what it looks like:


Adding filters in the photo editorAdding filters in the photo editor

Adding text in the photo editorAdding text in the photo editor

You’re still here? Go play around with it! What are you waiting for?


Ah, that’s right, the other updates. Here they are:


Revamped Marketing Homepage

Let’s be honest, things were getting a little out of control with all of those campaigns on the homepage. As a result, we’ve created a new homepage for Marketing that provides an overview of your campaigns and activity. In addition to the 30-day summary at the top, with key stats broken out by channel, we have three sections below: Recent Drafts, Recent Campaigns, and Upcoming Campaigns (for campaigns you’ve scheduled in the future).


The new Marketing homepageThe new Marketing homepage

You can also now rename campaigns, in case you’d like something other than the subject line for the title. Under Recent Drafts, If you click on the three dots in the campaign list, you can Edit, Rename or Discard the campaign. For Recent Campaigns, you can view the campaign report or rename the campaign.


New Campaigns Page

Where did all of your campaigns go? They went to the new campaigns page! You can access this a few ways: through the menu on the left side of the Marketing page, or by clicking on the colorful channel boxes at the top (Email and Facebook for now, but receipts, SMS and more in the future!). We’ve split out your campaigns by channel, so you can view your Email campaigns and Facebook campaigns separately. And we’ll be adding flexibility around what campaign stats you can see from the list view.


Hot Tip: Trying to figure out how you can view a campaign? It’s a little hidden (we’ll change it), but here’s how to find it now: once you’re on a campaign’s report page, click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner of the page, and select “View” in the drop-down. You can also cancel an ongoing campaign, or duplicate an existing one through this drop-down menu.


Ok, time to send an email or post to Facebook with a beautiful, customized image that perfectly reflects your brand. As always, we’d love to hear your feedback about the updates (or anything else Square Marketing related!). Thanks!