Important Update for Loyalty: Add multiple rewards, customize your Loyalty terminology and more
Important Update for Loyalty: Add multiple rewards, customize your Loyalty terminology and more

Hi Everyone,


We will be rolling out some updates to the Loyalty program that include new features and other changes to your Loyalty program.  If you have a loyalty program, please make sure you read this post! This rollout will happen slowly over the next two weeks, so it may take some time for you to see these features! Make sure you are on the latest version of the Square Point of Sale app as well. 


Many of you have shared that having a Loyalty program at your business helps you develop better customer service and allows you to thank customers for their business. We also understand that every business has created a loyalty program that is catered to their business’ needs. We're committed to doing a better job of providing you with more functionality to create an even more customized experience for your customers.


Today, we are excited to share that we have some new functionality that will allow you to start doing this. With this roll out, there will be some smaller changes that will affect all loyalty programs, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of those as well. Check out the overview below to learn more. 

New features:


1) Add additional reward tiers


Now, you will be able to create multiple reward tiers so customers can save up for bigger and better rewards. Many advanced loyalty programs have multiple reward levels so they can continue to entice their customers to come back. This feature has been the #1 ask from many of you, and we are really excited to launch this functionality over the next two weeks!


To add additional reward tiers:


  1. Log in to the Loyalty section of your online Square Dashboard > Select Settings > Create a New Reward.
  2. Select your reward type from the drop-down and choose the reward value > Enter the discount that will be applied for the reward.
  3. Select Create Reward.


Read more details on how to set up here.





2) Customize your Loyalty Terminology


We love that many of you see your Loyalty program as a direct reflection of your brand. We actually heard this feedback very clearly from a recent community thread. We want you to be able to choose how your loyalty programs are represented to *your* customers and have added the ability to customize your loyalty terminology to what you feel best fits your business. You can keep the “Stars” terminology or change it to Points, Beans, or Bubbles - whatever works best for you and your brand. 


Here is how you can customize your terminology:


  1. Log in to the Loyalty section of your online Square Dashboard > Select Settings.
  2. Under Terminology click Edit and enter your preferred term > Save.

Read more details in our Support Center.


This is what it will look like:

 upload 1.png




After you select your terminology and save it, your customers will see this after a transaction at your POS:





3) Customize the branding of your Loyalty Sign In Screen


We have moved away from the floating stars to a more simple background to allow you to customize your experience for your customers. 


To customize the background enrollment screen and logo:

    • If you already have an image and logo for the Receipts screen within your POS checkout, it will now show in your Loyalty enrollment screen.
    • If you do NOT have an image and logo and would like to add one, go into “Settings” and select “Business Information” and upload a profile image and toggle “Show photo in Checkout.” See below:

Screen Shot 2018-07-09 at 11.52.26 AM.png

With this new feature of multiple tiered rewards, we have changed the way rewards will be issued for all existing loyalty programs. Below is the list of changes that will affect all Loyalty subscribers:

  1. Rewards will no longer be issued automatically to the customer. Instead, customers can choose when and which reward they would like to redeem. They will still receive a text message when they earn enough points to earn a reward, but the customer will need to let you know that they would like to redeem the reward using their points balance.
  2. Rewards will never expire. Now that customers get to choose when they want to redeem a reward and use their point balance, there will be no expiration date associated to any new reward that they earn. Old rewards that have already been issued to a customer with expiration will continue to have that expiration date. Going forward there will not be an expiration date for rewards. 
  3. Old rewards that customers have earned will not show up as a part of the count under "Available Rewards" in the enrollment screen on the checkout flow. The Available Rewards show the number of reward tiers that the customer qualifies for. 
  4. New Customer’s Loyalty Status Page. As a part of this rollout, we have updated the customer’s loyalty status page that is linked in the text message with additional information on their points balance, status, and upcoming rewards. See Below:

unnamed (1).png

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please let us know your thoughts, questions or feedback!