Introducing Square Loyalty
Introducing Square Loyalty

We're excited to announce Square Loyalty, an integrated digital rewards program that you can build and run directly from Square's Point of Sale app - without any additional software, hardware, or punch cards. Thank your customers and keep them coming back with an easy rewards program that’s simple to use for both you and your customer.


You can track new stats in your Square Dashboard. Your existing dashboard will track data like total Loyalty customers, Loyalty rewards, and top Loyalty customers. You can even compare average spend and visits from Loyalty versus non-Loyalty customers.


Here’s how it works


Your customers earn points for every purchase they make - even when they use cash - from your Square Point of Sale app. Simply have your customer enter their mobile phone number after they checkout. Your customers will be notified via SMS when they sign up with a link to their status page, and each time they reach a new reward tier.




You can customize your loyalty program to reflect your own brand, business operations, and customer interactions. Tailor everything from the points terminology, program branding, reward items and tiers, and earning method. For example, a cafe can keep it simple and run a traditional loyalty program in which customers receive points for each visit, or a specialty boutique can get advanced and offer multiple reward levels, letting customers bank their points to earn higher-value rewards in higher tiers. 


When a customer earns a reward, it’s simple to apply the reward to the current sale. Just select Redeem Rewards from your library and look up your customers phone number or name.




Getting started


Visit your online Square Dashboard to create your Loyalty program and start your free 30-day trial. Select “Loyalty” in the left column of your dashboard and follow the set-up instructions to get started.


Square Loyalty starts at $49 per month, based on each location’s total loyalty visits per month.


If you’d like to learn more about how Square Loyalty works, visit the Support Centre.


If you have any feedback or questions, feel free to post here!