New Simple Process for Exchanges on Square for Retail
New Simple Process for Exchanges on Square for Retail

Square for Retail now offers a easy way to make exchanges! Merchants can make an exchange in a single transaction on the Square Retail app. Inventory will also update automatically to reflect the exchange.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Square Retail App downloaded: 1.13.1


You can process an exchange in a few easy steps:


1) Navigate to the transaction you’re looking for by scanning or searching for the receipt


2) Select the Return or Exchange button


3) Select any items the customer wants to exchange, or you can also refund a custom amount, select Next


4) Select the items you’d like to restock and select Next, or if you do not want to restock items, select Skip Restock


5) You’ll now see a cart view where you can add items the customer would like instead by searching or scanning


6) Any price difference will be calculated automatically and the customer will be charged or refunded accordingly, select Charge or Refund to complete the exchange


We know that an easier process for exchanges has been a top request for our Square for Retail merchants. We’re so excited to offer exchanges now and hope that you’ll continue to share feedback with us!


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