[Improvement] Customer Profiles (Card on File, Loyalty, Notes, Files)

Hi Sellers! 👋


We’ve refreshed the design of customer profiles in order to help you more efficiently reference important customer information like Card on File, Notes, Loyalty, and more. Quickly find and act on the information you need with this new and simplified layout.


Card on File

Improvements include the option to select card on file vs. gift card on file, pre-filled name, email, and/or card number if available, as well as disclosures to allow marketing communications, send messages (dependent on locale), and prevent chargeback liability. These Card on File improvements, as well as others to provide a more streamlined experience are now available on iOS and Android.






Improvements when creating, managing, and deleting a loyalty account. Easily update Loyalty card, transfer account, send status, and add/remove points.





Improvements when editing, adding, and deleting notes.





Improvements to viewing, downloading, renaming, and deleting a file, as well as taking and uploading a photo.




💡 Note: The refresh for Loyalty, Notes, and Files is currently only available on iOS, with improvements to Android coming later this year. We will also be updating the customer editor and profile in modal in the near future.


Please reach out with any questions, we’d love to hear from you!

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