[Improvement] Vendor Edit Screen UI Update in Dashboard


Hello Square Sellers!


We’ve recently made some improvements to the edit Vendor tab within Square Dashboard. This new user interface update will provide many user experience updates including the following improvements:


  • Vendor codes and unit costs can now be updated in the list view for faster editing
  • Added search capability in the Items view for faster editing of vendor codes and unit costs
  • Item variations have been pulled out from an accordion list to better access all items
  • Usability of multiple form fields has been updated by giving “hint” text for additional guidance on what text should go in that field




This update is available to all sellers who have access to Vendor Management functionality as part of the Square for Retail Plus plan. Learn more about these updates and how to manage vendors with Square for Retail in our Support Center

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Super Seller

Thanks for the update @Ryan_M 


It would be great if there were columns for Q on Hand and Price. That way we could reorder products quickly by seeing the Quantity on Hand, and could update the price when the Cost changes. See Ideate feature request

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