[New] Afterpay Pay Monthly is live for Square Invoices sellers

Hi Sellers! 👋


Introducing Afterpay Pay Monthly for Square Invoices sellers! Available now to eligible US Invoices sellers who have Afterpay enabled as a payment option.


Square is introducing more ways for Sellers to allow customers to buy now and pay later with Afterpay's new Pay Monthly option. US Invoices sellers now can offer a range of payment options giving customers more flexibility to pay the way that works best for them, while growing sales without additional financial or integration costs.




Provide More Flexibility

Qualified Sellers can provide even more payment flexibility, letting customers pay an invoice over months, not weeks, without needing to use a credit card.


Increase Transaction Sizes

Sellers who offer Afterpay Pay Monthly to their customers see up to a 26% increase* in average transaction size on orders of $400 or more compared to Sellers who don’t offer Pay Monthly.


Unlock Sales Quickly

With zero setup time and no additional cost, Afterpay gives Sellers access to a new payment option that still gets them paid right away even if their customers are paying over time.


This feature has been auto-enabled for US sellers using Square Invoices who are enabled for Afterpay. To disable, visit this Square Help Center article and follow the instructions in the FAQ.


Visit the Invoices section of Square Seller Dashboard to get started!


For more information on Afterpay + Square invoices, check out these support articles:
➡️ Accept Afterpay with Square Invoices

➡️ Afterpay & Square

*Internal Afterpay reporting, December, 2022

Square Champion

I appreciate the addition of Afterpay May Monthly to our toolbox, and I look forward to offering this extended payment service to my Invoices customers.

Square Champion

I really like this feature.  This is going to be a must have for our online courses...allowing more customers to be able to make purchases will definitely help increase our revenue!!

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