[New] Archive Items on Square for Retail

Hi Sellers! 👋


Archive items from your Square Dashboard to make managing your item catalog and inventory reports easier than ever. 


You and your staff can now designate items to ‘Archive’ status to keep your item history, and view your catalog and inventory reports with simplicity. 


  • Never worry about deleting items again — quickly change multiple items’ status to Archive one-at-a-time or in bulk 

  • Easily filter your catalog and reports to remove archived items from view

  • After archiving unneeded items, get relevant and actionable Low Stock Alerts and Auto PO recommendations

And if you ever need to bring an item back, simply unarchive it. To begin, visit Items and navigate to your Item Library. Follow step-by-step instructions here. 


💡 Note: You can manage archived items from Square POS, Square Appointments Point of Sale, and Square Retail POS. Archived items are not available on Square Restaurants POS app. 


To try out Square for Retail features for free, get started here.

Super Seller

This is FANTASTIC! We have thousands of products on our item list, a few hundred of which we will no longer carry. Being able to archive them for historical reasons without deleting them will be excellent!

Beta Member

FANTASTIC!  This will definitely clean up our inventory.  Thanks Square!

Question.  I am not seeing the "Item Status" column when I export my item library.



Super Seller

Can't wait to put this to use.


The Item Status column on Item Library export is coming very soon!

Beta Member

Thanks for letting me know!

Beta Member

I noticed this feature was announced today but my dashboard still doesn't allow me to archive items. Is there a setting that needs to be turned on?

Same. This is a great feature if we could actually use it!

Super Seller

Thank You, We have a lot of seasonal items and this will help with the clutter.


Hi @hopemajor and @lostislandwine ,

Unfortunately, Archive Items will not be available for RST sellers until 2024. Stay tuned!

Beta Member

Neat, in addition though:


I would like to archive item variations. 

I would like to archive discounts. 

Beta Member

When I archive items in dashboard, they still show up when we scan the UPC in Square for Retail. Is this by design? If so, Archiving doesn't do anything for us. My employees are still able to scan and sell archived items. Doesn't make any sense.

Beta Member

We are a Square for Retail user and I am not seeing the option to archive items in my dashboard.


In fact, when I select one or more items in my item library the Actions menu grays out and I am unable to open the drop-down menu to perform any bulk actions. If no items are selected I can open the Actions drop-down menu for other bulk actions, but there is not an Archive option.


Would love to use this feature.

Square Community Moderator

Hi @Heather_H  - Thanks for following up on this thread👋 There is a bit of a caveat to this so I'm sharing this info for any other Sellers who may be experiencing this as well:


Even if you are on Square for Retail, Appointments, or the standard Point of Sale, if you have an active Square for Restaurants free subscription, the Archive feature won't be available for your account because this is essentially overriding your other subscriptions that do allow the Archive feature.

If you wish to unsubscribe from Square for Restaurants free, you'll need to contact our Support Team so they can do this manually from their end for you. Then, you'll be able to utilize the Archive feature.

I hope this information is helpful but please do let me know if you have any additional questions.

I am having the same issue, did anyone follow up on this?

I am having the same issue, did you figure it out or did anyone follow up?

Beta Member

No, I haven't had anyone reply or help with this. 

Square Community Moderator

Hello @FlightTeam & @SlaughterKid


Sounds like this is not working as intended. 

I would recommend reaching out to our direct support team so they can file a ticket for you. 


Thank you! 




Hi @FlightTeam and @SlaughterKid ,


Archived items will be hidden from item search and tile grids, but they can still be scanned and checked out. In the Retail POS app, when you scan an Archived item, a modal will appear prompting you to unarchive the item before checking out. In Square POS app, Archived items can still be scanned and checked out.


Hope this helps.

I have Square for Retail and I archived a bunch of out of stock items that clutter up my item search at checkout, but they are still in my POS showing as 0 in stock. So Archiving Items is not working for me, even after rebooting the app.

Square Community Moderator

Hey there @flourishmarket , I am sorry you are having issues with the archive item feature. Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app? What app version is Square for Retail on? You can check by going to More > Support > About in the app. Can you also provide a screenshot of what you are seeing on your end? 

Beta Member

Is this feature available and working yet?


I contacted the Support Team to cancel my Restaurants free subscription and was informed that it has already been cancelled but I still don't have access to the Archive feature. 

Square Community Moderator

Hello @hopemajor, I am inquiring about this release date for New Archive Items on Restaurants with our team. I will let you know when I have more insight. 

Square Community Moderator

I will be honest, I did not clear date of when this will be available this year @hopemajor.  I know waiting for a feature isn't easy and appreciate your patience! 

We have multiple locations.  Can an item be Archived from one location, but still be available at the other locations? 

Square Community Moderator

Hey there @erikagm_ca, I am not entirely sure about this.  I am tagging @tonysq who can provide some more insight. 

Super Seller

No. Archiving an item removes it from all locations and sales channels. You can edit the locations where something is available though from your dashboard. You would open the item via dashboard and then open the location and uncheck all locations except the ones you want it to remain available at. 

Thank you!  Bummer, that would mean I would have to keep that item in our system until all location stop carrying it.  Inventory is fun!  🙂 


Super Seller

Any items not available at a location shouldn’t show up in that location’s inventory report so shouldn’t have an impact 

Looking forward to the archive feature coming for Restaurants!

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