[New] Class Booking for Appointments

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We’re excited to announce the launch of Class Booking for Appointments! You can now schedule single or recurring class sessions that can be booked directly online by customers. You’ll also be able to manually add customers to a class and take payment in-person or over the phone.


Create classes on the go - Get started today by creating a class–from web, iOS, or Android. Just define the name, description, category, price, number of spots, and instructor and you’re all set! You can create a single class or set up a recurring schedule to easily build out classes for several weeks or months at a time.


24/7 online booking for your clients - Your class schedule is instantly updated when you add or edit classes. Clients can independently book a spot in classes with availability. 


Easily manage your classes - Add clients to a class from your phone or computer and seamlessly take payment either before or after class.


Minimize no-shows - Classes booked online require prepayment so you can ensure your time is protected. 


Class Bookings is offered to both Plus and Premium Appointments subscribers. To get access, try Plus or Premium free for 30 days.


View plans here.


Learn more about Class Booking for Appointments.

Square Champion

Hi, pretty excited about this new feature.  Currently when we hold a class (private cosmetic injectable training) we send invoices for 50% deposit due immediately and 50% due two biz days before the event.  We also attach a contract to make sure expectations are set.  Will any of that functionality be coming to this feature or is it going to remain as-is?  Also, some I'd like to make bookable online whereas others I'd want hidden from the website (exclusive invites or just exclusive early access to book), any guidance on that?

Square Champion

I was booking a new client for one of our nail technicians and saw this feature and was like “what is this….Square is doing something big again lol”.  And this is one of the many reasons why I love you guys!  This feature actually is coming right on time.  I was recently discussing setting up a master classes for beginning techs that are fresh out of school and need additional and real salon training.  Can’t wait to use this feature…and you get an extra A+ for making the class prepaid 🙂

Square Champion

This is great.

Since we are primarily a shop (retail) that has classes we would love to see better functionality of allowing the classes to be viewed more like an "item" from the end-user perspective. We do have online booking for our tarot card readings but it sort of "gets lost" and isn't as easy to navigate as the rest of our online store front.

I am very excited for “classes” to roll out. I have used square for yearsss and have been waiting for this for quite some time. I currently use a different platform for my classes since square has been behind the times with this specific function. I would love to cancel my other subscription however I have run into some things holding me back from fully committing to square classes. I require a deposit to hold the customers space in class and the remaining balance is due 7 days before the class starts. Is there a way to allow customers to pay a deposit and then pay the final payment at a later date? Similar to how invoices work where you can create specific dates when final payments are due, where is send reminders etc. 

I love this idea. I have classes several times a week. The following glitch need to be fixed before I can use it.

When taking payment for a class attendee in person, you can't just transfer them to the checkout screen. We need to be able to do a single receipt for the class fee & item purchases together. There is also not an option for 1 person to pay for multiple attendees. We have families come in to do classes together & want a joint receipt. We can't do that here. I'm hoping there is going to be a more usable system for us soon. Good luck everyone!

Square Champion

@nika ;

This is great i was just starting to look into setting up classes at my store.  Been trying to figure out where, when to have these and about contracts.  My next step was to see about these being Scheduled through Square.   Thanks!!!!


@Candlestore So happy to hear that this will work for you! 🙌

Does the class feature work in the app too or only by website. Because when i make a class it says beta mode and i don’t see the class show up online or a link to enter people after i create it helppp???

Square Community Moderator

Hey @Shawn42, I see this is your first post! Welcome to The Seller Community, so happy to have you! 😀🎉👋


It does appear it can only be done from the Dashboard currently. I can reach out to our Beta Team and see if they are still testing and taking in sellers for the beta. I will let you know when I hear back! 

On my phone appointments app, I can only see my appointments, the classes are not visible.  Is there a way to see both?  

how do I remove this option of people booking a class in the book drop-down menu, this option is not letting me put the link for booking on Instagram, pls help

I have noticed when we create an ongoing class , it does not send ongoing reminders. And the next week it does not show the members as part if the class. Is it possible to have an ongoing reminder for menbers ?

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