[New] Forecasted Labor Costs

Hi Sellers! 👋


We are excited to introduce our newest feature, forecasted labor costs.

Available with any Shifts plan or Retail, Restaurant, and Appointments Plus or Premium plan. 


We understand that many of you operate on thin margins with labor costs making up a large proportion of overall expenses. You look to Shifts to manage your team’s time and attendance and have better control of your labor costs.  


We have heard your feedback and are excited to be providing you with more data right on your schedule, as you create it, in order to optimize your staffing and increase profitability.


Time & Wages

The schedule view will now show total hours schedules and total labor cost for the scheduled hours based on the wage for each job.


Overtime pay included
Forecasted labor costs include overtime pay based on your account settings.


Workday & Workweek

Quickly view hours and wages for each day and the entire workweek.



For more information on forecasted labor costs and how to use them, check out this support article:
➡️ Scheduling Your Team with Square Shifts

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