[New] Learn More About Two-step Verification


Hi Sellers! 👋


Square is constantly launching improvements to keep your accounts safe from fraud and unauthorized activity. We will soon require select sellers to enroll in two-step verification. The program will expand until all sellers are enrolled in two-step verification in 2023. 


We launched a webpage at Learn how to protect your Square account with Two-step verification to explain why it’s important, how to do it and answer some frequently asked questions you may have.

Don’t want to wait until it’s required? Check out the new Two-step verification resource page and protect your account today!

Square Champion

Even after reading/watching the instructions I am completely at a loss for how to enable the two step verification for employees to log in on a laptop instead of point of sale. I see the 4 digit code but not the email/password 2 factor.


When we are adding inventory we do so from our laptop/square dashboard- that is an email log in and not a pass code. I would love to get this done properly but completely confused.


Hi @DinaLRosenberg , thank you for your question. It's possible that your employees are not seeing the 2-step verification prompt that shows up after login. Some employee types are not proactively prompted to enroll, but we encourage enrollment for all.


After they login with their email address / password, could you direct them to the Dashboard: Sign in & security page? There should be a section called "2-step verification"


This support article has more detailed steps: Set Up Two-Step Verification. Reply back to me if that doesn't work!

We are a cooperative art gallery. We need more than 1 2-factor validation method because we have a couple of officers who need to be able to log into Square from home. Can you accommodate this?


Hi @semvaart , yes you can add multiple phone numbers as 2-step verification methods. While we recommend creating employee accounts for each individual, we understand that's not always practical for every business. 


Add additional phone numbers to your existing account:
Update two-step verification phone numbers




Set up additional employee accounts and enable two-step verification (recommended method):
Get started with Square Team Management

Square Champion

We use Authenticator to log in with, will this go away? Also with we still be able to save the browser or ipad for 90 days without having to authenticate again?


Hi @rtfulk, no, this will not go away. We will continue to support Authenticator apps, which we believe is the stronger authentication method of the two anyway. And yes, you will still be able to remember each device for 90 days.

I do not want 2 step authentication. I do not need it. I cannot use it on my PC. I do not want to deal with messages on my Tracfone that is always turned off except for shows or when I call home from my car. Mobile phone reception is just about nil whee I live and where I log in to square. No one uses the square app for transactions except for ME.

Please figure out a way to continue to allow those that do not need or want this so called security step. I say so called as I see it as an impediment to using Square at my home or at shows.

Square Community Moderator

Hey there @NancyH 


I hear you loud and clear. However, every day, bad actors find ways to put your online security at risk. As a Financial Institution, we need to take the route that best protects our business and the business of our Sellers. We know how annoying it can be to enter a security code every time you log in. Thanks to the feedback of Sellers like you, our Product Team has implemented an option to enter the code every 90 days.



Selecting this option on your computer and on your preferred device to use at home and at your shows next time you log in, will allow you to access your account quicker during that period of time. 


I hope this information is helpful!

As I have NO smart phone access at home it does nothing for me. I also do not want my land line ringing late at night or varied other times that I may want to access Square information, presuming a land line can be used to get that code at all, which is not what I read in the announcement about this change.

It also does not take into account a need to swap phones at a show. This last show my first  phone suddenly said there was no connection to square and I had to swap phones to get connected. I am not hearing any way for me to do that as needed.  I regularly buy new updated phones and get new numbers as the phone number doesn't matter to me as I do not get calls on my mobile phone.

As far as Square needing to do this - I assure you that my bank and my credit union do not need to do this, nor does PayPal require it.

I think your software people need to keep the NO code option open for people that it will not work for.

You have that option now and you need to keep it as the whole code idea is simply an impediment for anyone using your system.  If it is safe to skip the code entry for 90 days it is safe to never have to use it. Its software - it can be fixed.