[New] Sellable / Non-sellable Item Variations

Hello Square Sellers!


As a followup to the Sell-by Units launch last year, we’re adding the ability for Square for Retail Plus sellers to be able to toggle item variations either sellable or non-sellable. When creating an item variation, a new “Available for Sale” toggle is now available to prevent the sale of certain unit quantities.


This feature will work great for sellers who want to track inventory by a specific unit of measure but do not want that unit quantity available for sale. An example we’ve seen is when sellers want to stock items in wholesale quantities (like a case of wine), but only sell the items in individual quantities (bottle of wine). Their inventory is still tracked properly even though the single units are sold instead of the wholesale bulk amounts. 


Retailers can setup Sell-by Units and configure sellable / non-sellable item variations by:


  • Navigate to the Items tab of your online Square Dashboard.
  • Select an existing item that has unit variations or click Create an Item to set up a new item with unit variations.
  • **New** Select the “Available for Sale” toggle on any of the unit quantities you’d like to to be sellable
  • Click Done to save.



This update is available to all Square for Retail Plus Sellers and the “Available for Sale” toggle will be reflected on both a seller’s POS and Square Online interface. Learn more about this update and how to manage stock conversion in our Support Center

Beta Member

Why, Why, Why is this not available for Square Online?  We wait all this time for this feature and it is only for Square For Retail? Ugh!

Square Champion

This is awesome....

Beta Member

I am new to Square Register/POS, but I have deep experience with other platforms.


Does this feature actually work?


In my testing, the first unit defined has to be the one that all others are converted from.

AND, if the first unit is marked NOT Available for sale, then the item becomes no longer visible in Square Register and the Android Retail POS app.


Can anyone show me a configuration where the stock receiving unit is not sellable, but the other unit conversions are?


Let me know if I am not being clear or you have any questions or things I should try (I've tried a lot).



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I run a hair salon business and I am trying to use this "Available for Sale" feature to track my "back stock" inventory, such as color, gloves, foils, cotton pads etc. I want an easier way to scan items out (and in obviously) so I know when our stock is getting low for the items we use to perform services.  


For example: 

Categorized under "Color Inventory"

Item Name: A.S.P.

Variation: 1.0

Sku: (Barcode on the box)

Inventory: 2

Conversion: 1 Box


Then, when I uncheck the "Available for Sale" I get this error: "Please select at least one unit to be available for sale"


This "Item" will have multiple variations under it, for all the different colors in this line.  There has to be a way to do this? Right? How are other people tracking all their non-sellable inventory, besides doing a manual count?? My inventory for all my sellable products is seamless, I am confused why this can't be just as easy?? Any other suggestions on how I can make this work?


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