[New] Set fulfillment methods for your items directly from Square Dashboard

Hi Sellers! 👋


You can now set the fulfillment method for your items directly from the Item Library in your Square Dashboard. Select Shipping, Pickup, Local delivery and/or Self-serve ordering to determine how your customers will receive their orders. 




Previously, you could only set a fulfillment method on an item by navigating to Square Online > Site Items > Edit Item or via bulk workflows in the Square Online Catalog. Having an assigned fulfillment method is a requirement to be able to sell on Square Online. This launch allows you to do the same set of tasks with fewer clicks and less back-and-forth navigation between Square Dashboard and Square Online.




You can add a fulfillment method in Square Dashboard by following these steps:

  1. Go to Items > Item library > Create an item

  2. Select the radio button under Fulfillment methods

  3. Select one or multiple options between Shipping, Pickup, Local delivery or Self-Serve Ordering

  4. Click Done

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