[New] Square Payroll Mobile App is Moving to the Team App


Hi Sellers! 👋


The Team app now includes all mobile Payroll features that existed on the Payroll app for employers. If you are a Square Payroll user, please download or update the Team app to continue using Payroll features on mobile. This applies to both the iOS and Android app.


As of September 21, 2023 the Square Payroll app for employers will no longer be available and will be removed from app stores.


To download the Team app, follow the instructions in the support article: 

Square Team App for Employers or scan the QR code below with your mobile device.




Thank you for choosing Square Payroll! We’ll continue working hard to provide you with a simple, convenient way to pay your team. 





Square Champion

Thanks for including the QR code.  I was reading this through my email and I use Square Payroll...mostly from my computer but from time to time if I'm away from the desk or out of town I have used the app.  At first I logged in and it didn't give the option for payroll.  After scanning the QR code my App updated and now I have the latest version with the correct options.  Well thank Square...I can delete the payroll app from my phone and perhaps gain a little memory back lol 🙂

I have the new Square Team app, now where can I go to see my employees hours with out having to sign onto a computer? Before on the Square Payroll app, I can see my employees hours prior to running payroll.

Square Champion

Thanks! Is there a way to see "Workday" on the app? I have a couple staff members who forget to clock in or clock out so I double check that weekly.


Hi @Rebecca123 

In the Payroll tab on the Team app there is a Timecards section. Is that what you are looking for? Or is there a different view of your employees hours that you had on the old Payroll app?

Well I was able to fix my employees hours prior to submitting payroll in the old app. Now I’m this new app I can’t fix the hours till I actually run payroll. Which is now a pain in the but for each client. Is there a way to “fix” hours prior to running payroll? Like right after a shift, days before running payroll. From what I can see, there isn’t. This needs to be fixed or added into the “time cards” capability. I don’t want to fix everyone’s hours just prior to doing payroll. 


@Bronze_Palms In the Team app, there is not the equivalent of the Workday view that exists in Dashboard under ShiftsThere is only the timecards view for Payroll sellers that matches what was previously in the Payroll employer app.


@Rebecca123 Thanks for your patience here.


You should still be able to see your team's hours if you go to the tab Payroll > then select Timecards.


I realize this is confusing as there is also a separate Timecards tab at the bottom of the screen. That Timecard tab is only for your own timecards, whereas within the Payroll tab it will show your team's timecards. We are working on updating this experience to make it less confusing and should have a new update rolled out soon.



YES!!!!! That is exactly what I needed. Gosh now I feel dumb. Thank you so much!! 

Square Champion

I second the having a Work Day view for quick time card adjustments. 
it’s one of the number one pain points. 

Square Champion

How about allowing us to customise the bottom tabs?

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