Price Embedded Barcodes on Square for Retail

Hello! I'm here to bring you an update about price embedded barcodes on Square for Retail! 


What’s new?

Price embedded barcodes are now available on Square for Retail for iOS devices, and on Square Register. With this new feature you can scan a barcode that captures the item’s weight and price in your Point of Sale automatically.


What is a price embedded barcode?

If you sell items by weight, price embedded barcodes can help to reduce the risk of manual error. Price embedded barcodes can also speed up checkout.


Square for Retail sellers can now use any label printing scale that supports UPC-A and EAN-13 barcodes, such as the CAS CL 5500L scale or the Mettler Toledo bPro Terminal scale to print barcodes that are compatible with Square for Retail Free and Plus


These scales measure the weight of an item and issue a bar code label that contains both an item stock-keeping unit (SKU) number as well as the total weight or price of an item. When items with these types of barcodes are scanned, the item’s weight and price information is automatically captured on the Point of Sale.


To get started, create an item with a 5-digit, numeric SKU that is sold by a unit that’s compatible with your label printing scale. Print a label for the product and scan with a compatible barcode scanner (or built-in camera scanner if using an iOS device).


Is this new feature compatible with my device?

This feature is available to sellers who subscribe to Square for Retail Free and Plus on an iOS device. This is also available on Square Register.


Note: At this time weight embedded barcodes are not supported. Scales that produce barcodes in the format 20AAAAABBBBB are not supported.


Where can I learn more?

To learn more about price embedded barcodes and label printing scales on Point of Sale visit the Square Support Centre.



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