[Reminder] Square KDS is moving to Android

Hi Sellers,


This is a reminder that the Square KDS app will be available only on Android starting June 2024. You will no longer have access to the iOS KDS app at that point. To continue using Square KDS, you will need to migrate any active devices over to Android devices. We’re here to help make your transition as smooth as possible.


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KDS-Android-Slice1 (1).png


Do future-you a solid and install the updated Square KDS app on at least one Android device this year. Here’s why:



Access new, exclusive features most-asked for by busy operators.

Square KDS on Android will update with your business, including soon-to-be released improvements to our UI and printed ticket customization.


Get the flexibility to stop squinting where you don’t have to. 

See fast, live counts of any item in just a tap and view ten more tickets at once on larger devices including 21.5-inch and 15.6-inch screens. 


Use new mission control for smarter station routing.

Decide where to send items and categories (i.e. send all coffees to coffee bar; send all hot items to hot bar; send all pickup orders to pick-up station).



Embrace the future of Square KDS. 


Sneak peak — you’ll soon be able to access these new features on Android:

  • Set color-coded tickets for pickup versus dine-in versus. delivery orders. 
  • Control how your printed tickets look, with the ability to preview before you press to save. 
  • Complete tickets at one station only. 



Check out 15” and 22” screens


Note: Your team will still have access to continue using your app on iOS until June 2024, but we will be removing it from the Apple App Store in the next few weeks. From that point until June, you will need to contact our team to download the app.


Have general questions? Please leave a question in this post.


Thank you for selling with Square.