How do I stop the instant profiles?

When I run credit cards it automatically Creates instant profiles and I’m not wanting it to do that anymore because then I cannot keep track of my customers that I already have in there.

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Hey @Tori92b!


Thanks for your post. Right now, we don't have a way to turn off Instant Profiles. The Instant Profiles are customer profiles that are automatically created following a transaction. If a customer’s name is collected from their payment card and a matching profile doesn’t already exist within your directory, Square will create an Instant Profile. I'm sorry if this has caused confusion when trying to determine which profiles you've created, and which have been added automatically. The feature is designed to help with customer contact info collection, and data on what reoccurring purchases they might be making.


From here you can view all of your customers, and then create a group that does not include the Instant Profile customers. This is the only work around we've developed for now. However, I am running this by our Customer Directory Team to see if they have any other insights or suggestions. 

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