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Inventory: Merging Items from 2 Different Square Accounts?


What would be the best/most-efficient way of merging shared item inventories between the two locations?


We currently have Two Separate Square Accounts for Two Separate Business

  • Business #1: CSC
  • Business #2: DBA


Our plan is to make DBA into a second location under the CSC name (DBA = CSC2).

Both CSC & DBA focus on selling different items, but they do share some common items.

Our main worry at the moment is the issue of automatically generated SKU Coded Items.

Some of the items we sell do not come with the original producer's codes, so Square automatically generates those items with SKU Codes.

Since both of the Square Accounts for CSC and DBA are separate from each other, the automatically generated codes for the same items are different (meaning that the same item at DBA will not be able to be scanned at CSC).

Again, please let us know what anyone would recommend to be the best/most-efficient way of merging the inventories of 2 separate Square accounts into 1 Square account with 2 Locations.

Thank you!

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