Is there any plan to add Appointments to the Square Register?

Is there any plan to add Appointments to the Square Register?

I'm working with a client on setting up Square POS, they really like the Square Register but the lack of the Appointments function is crippling.  It would make everything so simple if they could just tap an appointment in the calendar and take the payment via the Square Register.  It's really a neat piece of hardware and for someone walking in the door it's an impressive transaction process.


But I am having a really difficult time figuring out how to give the customer the Register experience, while using Square Appointments to book services.


So my question is, does Square have ANY plans to add the capability to check out people with existing reservations via the Square Register, or is pure retail POS your only concern with that device?

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I don't know why your hardware and software don't talk. But please... for the sake of all business owners that take appointments... make Square Apps available on the Square Register. It is madness to sell proprietary software that only performs Square's most basic function. Half of my sales have to be processed through another booking provider because I can't access Square Appointments on my Square Register. Optimize and monetize, people.

It would be nice to have the appointment option on the new square register 

I got the new register , and hate the fact I have to still use my iPad or phone to book appointments, it would be perfect to have the application of appointments in the register so we can prebook then right after or before we charge them.  Im a hairstylist and have small Studio , all

in one would work perfect . I had the stand with the iPad I wanted a newer fancy register like this new one 🙂 


Hi there, @LiamSparkle! Thanks for reaching out here on the Seller Community. So happy to see a new face joining in on the conversation 🙌


I've gone ahead and moved your posts to an existing Feature Request Thread of other Sellers who are asking for this feature, as well. We understand the value of having Appointments availability on the Register, and we are actively working on bringing this to fruition. We appreciate your patience!


When we have more info to share on this, we will be sure to make it vocal on this thread so that all interested Sellers can be aware. 


Again, thanks for sticking tough with us. Look forward to hearing more from you soon! 

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PLEASE integrate Register and Appointments!! Monthly payments with payroll, loyalty, appointments, plus swipe fees... you can do a little extra coding and integrate two of your products. These threads prove the need for it. 

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Hey @GaiaWaxing,


You're definitely right on this being a popular request! I'm sorry this isn't available to you all at this time.


If this becomes available, we'll be sure to update this thread right away to let you know!

I have a square register and the only downfall I have with it is that you can’t use appointments with it. Is there away to book clients via the register? Are you guys working on making this possible? 

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We've definitely heard this request from our Square Register and Appointments users, and are tracking interest in this thread, @Freshj. While we don't currently have an update to provide, we will be sure to post here as soon as we hear of progress on this request!

I just bought the new register and was wondering if I can acces the appointment app and process transactions through there like I do on the tablet and see the appointments as well as manually ringing them out?

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Hey @Lizvigil10! Welcome to the Community.


I merged your post with the relevant feature request thread on integrating Appointments with the Register since it isn't available for it at this time.


Our Product Team is currently tracking requests so hopefully this will become available in future developments!