Feature Request: Bundle items as a single item, pull from inventory individually - combo/combination

Feature Request: Bundle items as a single item, pull from inventory individually - combo/combination

The title of this post has been edited from the original: Inventory: Can you bundle items together as a single item or special?


We have multiple products for the same price.   We offer a 3 for $20 special, which is a mix & match of any three products.   How do I handle the inventory count?   Do I need to add each item with the discounted amount, so at check out I would have to select three discounted items?   Or do I add each item at the regular amount and apply an overall discount?

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Re: Is there a way to create a Gift Basket, to be sold as one item, pulling numerous items from s...

Hey @FurnishbyIsa and welcome to the Community!

This isn't something we offer at this time. 


This would be a feature request we can pass up but I haven't seen any other requests for this yet. Hopefully other sellers who are looking for this can add onto the thread!

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Re: Can square reduce inventory of two different items sold as one?

Hi there!


Unfortunately for bundle created items that combine two separate items together will not reduce your inventory for each. 


What you can do is create a discount and apply it to the sale when both items are purchased together.

This will reduce your inventory and also reduce the price to the amount that you like. 

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Re: How to track inventory with a mix & match 3 for $20 special?

Hey @Baconation, thanks for surfacing!


I can see how this would be a bit tricky for your 3-for-$20 special, especially since inventory is a high priority.


Depending on how you need to track your items, I have three suggestions:


  1. Add each item individually to the sale, then apply an overall discount.
    Pro: Allows you to track the inventory for each item regardless of being part of the special.
    Con: You would have to ring up the 3-for-$20 special as a separate transaction. Otherwise, the discount will apply to the entire sale.
  2. Add each item individually to the sale, then apply the discount to each of the three items.
    Pro: Allows you to track inventory for each item regardless of being part of the special and ring up additional items in a single transaction.
    Con: More of a manual process that may increase the length of time to complete a sale.
  3. Create a "3-for-$20 Special" item.
    Pro: It's fast and since the price would be locked, you can add it to a sale with other items.
    Con: You wouldn't be able to track each individual item within included with the "3-for-$20 Special" item.

I understand how automating this would be super helpful for your business and I'll be sure to share your experience with our product liaison team. 


Find step-by-steps on applying discounts in our Support Center.


Hope this helps clear things up for now. Please let me know if you have any further questions!


I am a volunteer at a non-profit org. We are using square POS/inventory to run a small scale bookstore at the temple. The temple runs classes for Kids on Sundays and we sell books at the book store. Each class has a set of prescribed books.


The current Item library has about a thousand entries. Everytime a student/parent wants to buy books for a particular class, we have to click on each book that they need to purchase.


For example :-

The following are the ones we have to click to sell books for class1 (4 clicks).

click -  book1 (class1)

click - book2(class1)

click - book3(class1)

click - CD1(class1)


Instead, I just want to click on class1. Which should pick book1, book2, book3 and CD1 automatically and deduct it from the inventory when the sale is complete.


Does square POS support this?


Thanks in advance.


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Sorry Badribookstore, this is not an option.  However, if this is the only way these items are sold is together you could change your inventory to a single item knowing it has 4 products in it.

I have employees at two physical locations, each taking Credit Card transactions on their phone.  They each sign in via their own Device Code.  I want to be able to know which transactions came from which phone/device.  As of now, I cant seem to tell which transactions came from which phone / location.




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First, you subject line is different than the message.  I will address both.


Subject - No, you can not group items together into a single item.  A work around would be to create a new item.  If you are tracking inventory you can subtract the individual items and at them to the new item before or after your sale.


Device report - Go to  Sales Reports and under the Advanced options, you can filter by the device.


This is exactly like the question I came here to ask.  i.e. - I have 4 different shirts in 6 different sizes.  I don't want to scroll through 6 different sizes of 4 shirts in my regular inventory.  Is there a plan to be able to group items so that in my inventory I see 1 picture "Metroid Shirt - Black", then I click on that picture it pulls up all the sub-items (all their own full item with their their own inventory count) and I choose one of those?

Hi Everyone! Hoping someone can help me out. I need an ecommerce site that allows you to create a bundle pack for one price and tracks inventory behind the bundle.  Does square or one of the plug ins have this option.   We sell farm to table beef and pork, I would like my customers to be able to select maybe 4-6 products that they want for one price.  Thanks in advance!

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I do know you can't do this with Square, I am not sure what option does.  I would check out WooCommerce.


Hi @Raxandtrax - thanks for making your first post here on the 👥 community. 


@RHatch is right, the Square Online Store does not have this function built. You can definitely take look at our App Marketplace to see if this is available through one of our available e-commerce integrations

Yes, a bundle of items would be extremely helpful for my business as well.  I'm a photographer and have a la carte, as well as collections.  It's not necessarily an inventory tracking issue, as a "making invoice complete" issue.


Hey @Raxandtrax,


If you have a  WooCommerce site, you could do this using the  WooCommerce Product Bundles and WooCommerce Square plugins.


That would allow you to build bundles that contain multiple products, however you can track the inventory of each product separately.


The WooCommerce Square plugin would allow you to sync the inventory levels of each individual product to your Square account as well as process the transactions through Square.