Label Printing: Scan and Print Barcode Labels

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Label Printing: Scan and Print Barcode Labels

We are a retailer that has over 6,000 SKUs. We have asked for some time if there is an option that can be incorporated into the POS that would allow for us to "Scan and Print". With tons of new items coming in every week, we would love a better option to print out shelf labels, with the easiest option being to scan the new item and print immediately. 



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Re: Can Square generate SKU numbers?

Hello @GlacierLandings, welcome to the Seller Community! 


This is a great question I'm sure other businesses have. While Square doesn't have a way to auto generate SKU's Shopventory does! Once your products are entered into Shopventory you can run a task where the software will generate a SKU for any item without an assigned SKU. 


I hope this helps! 


Hi @FairfaxStation, I don't see "repair" mentioned anywhere. 🤔

I believe that they meant: re-Pair  as in:  the device will not connect via Bluetooth so they re-Pair the scanner with the iPad.

Does the Dymo Label Software save barcodes that you have made in the past for quick reprinting in the future when new inventory comes in? It seems to be the one answer I can't find on there site nor here on the Square site nor when I have chatted with a rep. 

It does not  automatically save barcodes that you print. You can, however, save individual barcodes as you print them, in which case you may have hundreds, if not more, in your computer, or you can just change the template barcode that you create to suit your needs when you have additional or new inventory, or price changes. 


This is a terribly inconvenient feature of the Dymo software. We just converted from manually tracking and selling to using barcodes with Square and had to print Over 800 labels. The only way to do it was to create as many Excel line entries per item as you had in stock for that item in our store and then print. Creating the multiple line item entries was a real pain in the backside. Going forward we have the choice of creating and saving individual labels for over 215 products, or just printing up new labels when we get new stock her new items it. Will probably do the latter. I already called Dimo and gave them some feedback on this. 

How can  you have created a retail POS that doesn't have native ability to create your own barcodes/UPCs to print on to labels?  This hang up is why we are considering dumping our entier Square system.  Its poor planning to have a product for retail that doesn't do this and then to spend a year on this forum saying "this is a popular feature request". Of course its popular because that's how retailers do business.  Horrible move.


Hi @amyradle, thank you for taking the time to share your experience with us. I'm sorry to hear about the trouble this is causing for your business — we certainly want to make the app as inclusive and intuitive as possible. Hopefully, the workarounds suggested so far will work for now, though I certainly see how having the ability to create the barcode in-app would streamline the workflow.


While I'm not able to access and share any other specifics at this time, rest assured that I will be sharing your post with our Product Liaison team. We are always working to improve our services based on seller feedback — please keep in touch for updates.

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I like Square on the whole, the fact that Square does not have the ability to generate and create barcodes is a serious issue for us. The amount of time it takes to do inventory twice is a bit absurd.  Then to create your new Retail system that only works on a Ipad, is even more absurd.  I would think that Square at this point would have taken action to resolve a need that so many need for thier business.


@bbcms Thanks for sharing your feedback with this. We're definitely keeping track of the seller interest, so if anything changes we'll update everyone!

Please please PLEASE add barcode printing for Square Retail! It is so cumbersome to export new inventory out of Square, print the barcodes in Dymo, get the quanities right, add an auto-sequenced SKU in Excel, and re-import. This one feature is making us lean towards using ShopKeep instead of Square. Please! Thanks!

I agree...I'm in the process of switching to Square from Shopkeep as I thought it would better serve my needs.  However the frustration I'm experiencing in trying to figure out how to create barcode label files that won't need to be recreated every time I print and then get the details into Square is making it more appealing to stick with Shopkeep.  I'm having second thoughts about changing and think it's crazy that label printing isn't part of the Square for Retail package.