Feature Request: Add custom HTML such as hyperlinks and links to Appointment confirmation email

Feature Request: Add custom HTML such as hyperlinks and links to Appointment confirmation email

The title of this post has been edited from the original: Add custom HTML to Appointments email confirmations




I'd love to include a custom hyperlink to the automatic emails that are sent out with successfully scheduled appointments, using the Appointments service offered by Square. My intention is to refer customers to a page where they can provide additional information about the events I'm offering as services.


Would including an href attribute (or something similar) do the trick or is this functionality not currently possible?

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Re: Linking appointments to video conference service, such as zoom.

Hi @jarkin13 ,

For this inquiry, please contact our Appointments Team directly in order to have a specialist look into your case. Feel free to reach them via email here, or by giving them a call Monday-Friday, 6am-6pm PST - but you'll also need your customer code.  The steps to look up your code are here.

Send us a message if you need anything else. 




I would say there is 5 main types of businesses when it comes to trading locations, phone/conferencing (remotely) has several subtypes.


1. Businesses own premises

2. Clients premises

3. Businesses and clients premises

4. Remotely (video, audio, remote assistance, phone)

5. Variations of the above


For the phone or conferencing (aka remotely) i need a dropdown to choose: Zoom, Skype, Hangouts, Teams, FaceTime, Whatsapp, Regular Phone number.


So what I would suggest is being able to tick each type to add to the "pool" so the relevant types of trading locations can be added to specific appointment types and specific variations of the appointments eg: IT Session - 2 variations Remotely or Customer Location


Then how do I restrict the customer location to my own state of Victoria in Australia? I don't want to travel interstate to client or overseas. I also want to restrict to specific suburbs or eg: all the suburbs of Greater Melbourne.


These issues would affect the use of your platform for everyone. 


To have a workable and flexible booking system you need these options.


I was hoping to use your platform for my entire booking across Instagram, Facebook, Website and on the road manually. But because you don't have these options I've discontinued until they are in place. Using WIX Bookings for now but its crap because they can't charge tax on services like Square can.

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Thanks for another great and detailed response here, @Cyberkite. I will step in while Ashley is out today. 


I appreciate you honesty about shifting your booking services until these features are expanded. I will work in conjunction with Ashley to ensure that all of these details are shared with our Product Teams as she mentioned above. We will update the thread here upon any shareable updates.


Thanks for your patience!

@Joe ok buddy. Pretty logical real business scenarios Im keen to use your booking platform because unlike Acuity or others you dont charge for the platform - just for the transactions. So I am inclined to go with you if you make it easy and cover the scenarios I mentioned. We live in a connected world. Its not all about Phone or Location customers. Its also the location restrictions and video conferencing sessions. Even doctors and health practitioners are starting to do video. We provide IT, Cybersecurity and Marketing remote sessions as well as onsite sessions at client properties - we dont have our own physical office and we can only travel within greater melbourne, Australia. Also if I could add a travel surcharge for the client onsite visits then I can fly / travel to the specific client across australia - that would also be good to add - standard travel surcharges for onsite travel interstate and have option of adding travel time delays - eg: Fly to Brisbane - I need an extra day to book a ticket and fly up. So the need for video conferencing (remote) options for the booking centre is real and restricting client location is real need. The other thing is my location details are tied to the booking system, and thats then messy because the Square invoices show up any changes I make to the locations eg: I tried putting a fake address to hide it and it allowed me but then the invoices between Square and us show up with fake address - so thats then unusable as an invoice report for taxation. Locations listed for appointments should be unrelated to the locations for Square account for each site for the business. 

And also in light of the Worldwide coronavirus outbreak it would be good to have remote / video conference booking features!!!!

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Sync square appointments to google calendar.


In zapier connect your google calendar. (Trigger)


Add filter from zapier (action) filter only the service you want to use with zoom.


Add zoom (zoom) you can select the person email and trigger a new meeting. 


Testing this later today with a client. 



@Consultazilla i hate messy workarounds. I need Square to hurry up with these features since we NOW are all working from Zoom, Hangouts Meet, Skype,. Etc

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@Cyberkite you can wait around for them or just do it in 5 mins with zapier. 🤷‍♂️

@Consultazilla nah - havent got time to fiddle. And I have another booking platform - so I am not wasting your supposed 5mins - Which in reality with testing and refinement will take hours. 

the integration can be simple to start- with an export file in the way zoom requires it and then a manual upload. Not the best way but a start. Square has to be able to export a file with the name of the buyer- his email- the item they bought on ONE line in a csv file. If this were to happen than maybe zapier could also work to automate this function of export and import from square to zoom. this is  urgent for business like our that use zoom.

I would LOVE to figure out how to edit the Square language appointment booking to add a "VIRTUAL" option. I currently see people in person at my office or via Zoom due to Covid-19.




Due to Covid I assume other people want to add a "virtual" option to appointment settings?




Thank you!