Selecting Invoice template when converting a Estimate

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Selecting Invoice template when converting a Estimate



We are currently paying $30 per month for the Invoicing Plus and finding the extra functions to be pointless due to not being able to use them at different points in our workflow.


For example, 90% of our transactions are Estimate first and then convert into Invoices.  For $30/month surely Square should be providing the Template feature for both Estimates and Invoices.  Secondly, once customer has accepted the Estimate and we need to convert it to a Invoice, at this point Square does not allow us to select a saved Invoice Template. Can this please be added as an option when we go to convert Estimate to an Invoice.


Also, how can I see the name of the staff member who has sent the Invoice/Estimate out to the customer.  We have a large sales team all sending out estimates and Invoices and it becomes tricky to know who is managing what.


Hope feature request can be taken on board soon.



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Hi @Ram04,


Thanks for writing in and highlighting this feedback for Invoices Plus. As it's a new product, feedback like this is super helpful, and I'll pass this onto our product team!


If your staff members sign in to the Dashboard with their own log in details, you'll be able to see the team member who sent out the invoices once it's paid in your transactions tab. Here's what this looks like from a test Invoice - the team members name is under Sale attributed to:



Please don't hesitate to share any other suggestions with us here 😊👍