Add custom/in-person orders to online queue

Hi! I've asked this question previous, but haven't gotten an answer that works and I'm wondering if anybody else has found a solution to this.


I primarily use Square Online, but do occasional events. I have two scenarios that I'm not sure how to best handle within square.


1) Place an order in person for shipment later

I take custom orders at events and would like to be able to record that information through Square. Currently, I've been taking their info and putting it into an invoice. That works OK, but I'd prefer that they go into the open order queue. Is there a way to do that?


2) Place an order from the "back end" 

Sometimes I'll get somebody that texts me a request for an item (custom or not). Is there a way to add that person to the open order queue? 


Basically, I guess I'm wondering if there is a manual way to add an open order to the online queue of orders. That would solve both issues. 



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